Inner Circle Distribution

General Sales for the Americas for over 25 years is inner circle distribution in show business. With his wealth of experience and knowledge of the entire American market, the distribution is an ideal partner for Steinigke Showtechnic. The general distribution in Sunrise, Florida, likes to work with German brands. So the company including MADRIX and hazebase exclusively in the United States distributes. Same goals and views Bernd Steinigke, owner of Steinigke Showtechnic GmbH, pleased with the new found cooperation with ICD. our brands product lines are constantly updated with new technology and thereby maintain a high quality standard.

This, is their success in combination with a large selection and affordable prices. We are very confident that these principles also in America and everywhere else a good response achieved. “.” Matthias Schwab, Managing Director of Steinigke Showtechnic, added: inner circle distribution has understood that customer service is the backbone of our business. They share in the market, they serve to be the best our goal” German engineering and quality the introduction of chip-on-Board (COB) technology is the future of LEDs”, says Bruce Bandy, Director of sales of ICD. as we have seen this year the Eurolite COB products at Prolight & sound in Frankfurt, I knew that we had discovered just the next big highlight in our market. “COB is a giant step forward in the field of LED and Steinigke occupies a leading role in the entertainment industry in the development of technology.” Steinigke Showtechnic is a world leader in this field with over 40 COB products on sale. We are really excited to be able to offer our customers the products by Steinigke now. “, says the Chairman of the ICD, Craig Singer.” In addition to the high-quality German engineering offers Steinigke Europe’s widest selection of products.

It’s worth gold. In addition they provide innovative research and development, top-class design and a quality control, the unparalleled. “. Contact information: Michael Dill Steinigke Showtechnic Andreas-Bauer str.5 97297 forest buttel Banta phone: 0931-4061-517 fax: 0931-4061-720 email: