EcoChic Small Gestures

This is an interesting book compilation of all that which most of us know but that ended up not putting into practice by laziness, mistrust and sometimes even by ignorance. Surely if you are so interested in the ecology and lead a life sound like to buy the book, you will already know and you’ll be carried out half of the things that are written in the book. Interesting thing then is the other half and new ideas arriving I head to read the book.I think that it’s a book that should be read throughout the world, as it somehow should be compulsory reading in schools and institutes. Margaret Fenwick says by paragraphs as things stand today in the world, which can be the solution to the problems and how can do us from individualism to gradually put end to those problems. Furthermore it helps to create awareness on many values that are being lost in this era of the capitalismo-consumismo where anything goes and the more cheap best. Of excessively briefly comes to make us aware that we must inform us, think and read labels before buying a product. We really need everything that we buy and everything that we throw away is useless? In addition to the information written in each chapter of the book, I think that is very interesting and useful glossary that comes at the end of the book which also clarify some concepts about recycling, offers us a series of interesting address on this subject.

Rei Liberation Parade

At the end of the 20th century, September 13, 2000, a meteorite from a high density (measured about 10 cm., but it weighed 4.02 x 10 20 tons) was precipitated about Monte Markham in Antarctica. The tsunami caused by the impact and the increase of the sea level caused the loss of 2 million lives. This disaster is regarded as the largest which has occurred in the history of man taken from Rei Liberation Parade. What they read and re-read in the kinds of schools in Japan (in the anime)? Because on top of the shale have a fragment of the text that appears thousandths of a second in the 7th episode of Evangelion. That document also talks about the 1st impact happened 4 million years ago (and where it is considered that the Moon was formed after the impact).

Lilith and Adam are not celestial beings sent by the God of humans to destroy mankind for their sins committed. The truth is that in this anime Dios has nothing to do or if it is referred to, is nothing more than a name for an alien race that makes a lot of time is He proposed plant life in the universe (theories on the origin of life on our planet). This information is taken from the very same files secrets of Nerv, of the NGE 2 PS2 game. The race called only as First Ancestral Race (first Ancestral race or PRA to save space) travels by planting seeds in some planets to allow them the origin of life. 2 Seed that created these would then have creatures: the Black Moon and the white moon. Do the terms seem them known?, clear yes since it is named after them in The End of Evangelion (the same anime film). Both seed possess the matrix to come into existence 2 distinct races: the Black Moon is associated with Lilith (and is himself Geofront), from where comes the human race or the Lilim; While the white moon is associated with Adam, where are born the angels.

Latin America

This has result on the religious temperament and the paper that the State develops, that it consists of the degree of interference of the State to reduce or to increase obstacles in the commercial flow with the international relations. In fact the world if expanded, and the hibridizao between the local popular cultures and a mass culture supposedly ‘ ‘ universal’ ‘ that it consists of the capacity of integration of diverse peoples in one same norm of direction, being the power of irradiation from a religious center. For example, the Islamic civilization, whose extension from a religious matrix and of a considered language sacred, the Arab, obtained to add groups with traditions and distinct origins. These are the centers of the ideological questions that lead to the reinforcement of the local, national economy, and regional, based in the appropriation of the natural resources, in the partnership of the great one it offers and ambient commercialization that contributes actively for the integration of the markets regional. The commerce, the finances, the investments are instruments for which if they establish connection in flows and connections of nets, in the international plan, the production and exaggerated consumption of the population. A universally accepted definition only for the globalization does not exist. According to Held (2001),

globalization has been diversely conceived as long-distance action (when the acts of the social agents of a place can have significant consequences for third distant ones); as understanding space-weather (in a reference to the way as the instantaneous electronic communication it comes consuming the limitations of the existence and the time in the organization and the interaction social); as sped up interdependence (understood as the intensification of the interlacement between national economies and societies, in such way that the events of a country have a direct impact in others); as a world in shrinking process (erosion of the borders and of geographic barriers to the socioeconmica activity); e, among others concepts, as global integration, reordenao of the relations of being able interregional, conscience of the global situation and intensification of the Inter-regional’ interconnection; ‘. The advent of the globalization in accordance with Milton Saints (2000) ‘ ‘ consumerism and competitiveness lead to the moral and intellectual emagrecimento of the person, to the reduction of the personality and the vision of the world, inviting, also, to forget the opposition basic enter the figure of the consumer and the figure of cidado.’ ‘ The Religion and the commerce appear as world-wide, competing and conflicting entities moral, being each one with its deuses, its requirements, its ethics, its moral, its rights and duties in a globalization society.


Chamonix, well-known also like Chamonix Mont Blanc, is a small locality in the border of France and Italy, in Alps plenary sessions, counts like main communications center with the transalpine country with the tunnel of Mont Blanc. It is a locality of only 12000 inhabitants and has in the tourism of winter sports his economic motor. Chamonix lives by and for the winter tourism, of winter sports. This locality, is located in the valley of the Rhone, has minimum altitudes of 1300 meters and principles of 3790. In addition it counts like main attractive the Mont Blanc, that with its 4815 meters presides over east valley and this municipality. Chamonix is a place for the sport and the adventure, besides being able to ski or to practice snowboard in Flegere, Houches, Them Grands Montets, Him Savoy or Houches you will be able to enjoy other activities like the senderismo, the scaling, mountainbike or also to realise excursions. The highest point of the Rhone is Mont Blanc, of France and the Alps, like thus also the main attraction of the zone. In its surroundings

Institute Development

FIELDS intent for the necessity of if planning the ecoturstica activity, considering the form more adjusted in order to contribute for the reduction of the ambient impacts. In as the chapter, the author collates the concepts of ecoturismo and sustainable development, analyzing the diverse definitions presented for some authors. All the definitions of presented ecoturismo and sustainable development converge to one same way, that is, the definition and the end of both is closely linked, since they aim at to the use and conservation of the natural resources in order to guarantee the economic development, social, cultural and politician of the current and future populations. In the third chapter, some tourist activities that they use the alternative of the sustainable development are cited. In this direction, the Institute of Sustainable Development Mamirau is had, that has for objectives to promote the sustainable development in joint with the local population and also to conserve and to preserve the Amazonian environment in the region of the Solimes medium and Association of You hiss for the Ambient Preservation and Cultural, whose objective is to recoup and to conserve the supplies of fish that were threatened by fishes commercial. Both the activities demonstrate that with adjusted planning, it is possible to use the environmental resources without agrediz them, serving as strategy of sustainable development. In the last chapter, it detaches that the ecoturismo, currently, became an excellent economic activity.

A time that has direct relation with the sustainable development, therefore exists the interdependence between economic, social, ambient and cultural the sectors. emphasizes the contributions of projects pautados in the support of the society where they act. The authors look for to altercar on the viable instruments in order to obtain so longed for sustainable development. Each one presents a model to be followed and both agree that to have the sustainable development she is necessary to analyze, deeply, social, cultural, economic factors, ambient politicians and.

The Planet

Even though we like to fantasize, we are still slaves of powers and institutions that govern us. For how long?. Good I I wish, I hope and believe that by little (relatively). As they say the old and wise tribes of the Amazon (which for more INRIA, has been and is one of the worst hit areas of the planet, along with Africa and India): the world is as you dream it. The problem is that they have only been able to sleep and dream of your perfect world seems so far the powerful.

One thing that all those who want and expect a change/evolution should take into account; and once I see us and believe us quite documented and awareness to fight, change and progress, then it is when we should look to our navels sincerely ask ourselves, and think about if not we will be getting into a sort of labyrinth without exit which mice laboratory, if not we will be saturating and stagnating only partly passive and theoretical problems. Many remain isolated and ignorant of the problems, because us comes to them or do not touch them most directly. This is a big mistake, since an injustice anywhere (however small that is), is a threat to Justice and freedom everywhere. Rather, I believe that we will only move forward towards our world dream, when really we feel it, and not only for us but for all who suffer or are deprived of their basic needs and their freedom. Only really move when we tighter to the problems (which shake and destroy our world) by root and not stop until solucionar / heal until the last outbreak of the last stem of the highest branch. Will not change anything until we do not concentrate and focus our strengths in a positive and constructive manner (non-destructive like Empires, already fall themselves by their weight, corruption and decadence, like his predecessors, to the tallest towers and more vast empires fell, and will continue falling), searching for and applying best proposals and actions; but above all doing it in a more active way and practice (let us not remain or fall into the dogmatism or demagogy/rhetoric easy/passive/theoretical). Peace and freedom are eternal for the needy.