Since its inception, the Republic was threatened by conspiracy plots. Franco was asked to participate in these conspiracies always showing uncertain and ambiguous. The summer of 1933, General Sanjurjo, from jail diria: “Franquito is a cuquito going to suyito. In 1936 would not have changed his opinion: “Franco will do nothing because it is never a cuckoo.” Serrano’s memoirs reveal Su er exasperation that occurred in the Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera its indeterminacy. And in June of 1936 peers, the generals involved in the conspiracy, it referred to as the “Miss Canary Islands 1936” to signify their hesitation and indecision:
Imprecision, vacillation and political flirtations Franco came to enrage so to Mola and the group of conspirators Pamplona they ended by calling on the private nicknamed “Miss Canary Islands 1936.”
Jose MA Iribarren, conversation with Stanley G. Payne in Pamplona on 25/11/1958.
After the triumph of the Popular Front in February 1936 these conspiracy plots converge and acquire strength. Failed efforts to proclaim martial law to annul the elections, the conspirators continued to meet. On March 8, a day before they depart for the Canary Islands, Franco attended a reunion with other generals in the home of broker Jose Delgado, a friend of Gil-Robles. Among others, met Mola, Fanjul, Varela and Orgaz, as Colonel Valentin Galarza, head of the EMU (Spanish Military Union). The meeting decided that the blow the commands Sanjurjo Franco cleverly merely suggested that any decision should have no any specific label. Not made firm commitments. In one form or another, had been involved in the conspiracy against the Popular Front from the beginning, but was very reluctant to embrace any specific proposal for armed revolt. 32
With Franco in the Canaries, the insurgency continues. Mola, Sanjurjo appointed, is responsible for coordinating the preparations. In April was its first instruction which included the methods which should be followed at the time of the coup: “It will take into account that the action has to be extremely violent, as soon as possible to reduce the enemy, which is strong and well organized . Of course, all managers will be imprisoned for political parties, corporations or unions does not affect the movement, exemplary punishment to these individuals, to strangle the movement of rebellion or strike. ” The next two months, the focus Mola to prepare the coup.
Franco, informed of the conspiracy at any time was reluctant. According to Paul Preston, “The idea of not being able to reverse or change of opinion should be for a little less than the torture of hell.” Given the general enthusiasm of Orgaz, Franco will comment: “These really wrong, it will be enormously difficult and very bloody. We do not have the whole army, the intervention of the Guardia Civil and is considered doubtful many officers will be on the side of constitutional authority, because some are more comfortable, others because of their beliefs. We must not forget that the soldier who rebels against the constitutional authority can never go back or give up, because they will be shot without thinking twice. ” 34
Mola, a second release, the May 25, specify the strategies for the uprising in different military regions. At that time, Franco is still undecided. On May 30 an emissary of the conspirators arrived in the Canary Islands to ensure their participation and to discontinue “much prudence.” Colonel e Yaga told Serrano that he desperately Su er petty caution Franco and his refusal to take risks. Mola was also upset, he felt that the participation of Franco, with his prestige between the right and the Spanish Army was essential forsuccessful delivery.
The social situation worsened in recent months. Unemployment soared, and difficulties in advancing reforms to frustrate the expectations raised by the victory of the Popular Front. The fighting in the street increased. The Falange practice their tactics of harassment and attempts to create a climate of terror. The Phalange and the anarchists engaged in “direct action”. A murderous madness of the time given the size of suicidal seizes the anarchists and the rural poor. The hatred and fear of the enemy was present in the same left and the right. The Government’s inaction to the violence and hardships of the press and right wing leaders fueled the panic of the middle and upper classes to the communist threat. and the financial oligarchy and the landowners were retiring, some to Biarritz or Paris, expected to remain with his or adding funding to the conspiracy.
Rumors of conspiracy due to the Government, but this, as in the case of violence, did not act with sufficient firmness. The then Minister of War and president of the Government, Casares Quiroga, he wanted to behead the conspiracy Morocco moving Colonel Yaga e, but the hesitation before closure of this and kept it in his post.

New York Times
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New York Times
overseas banks for cheap assets, talent and the possibility of raising their profiles on a global scale.
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