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Now the Supreme Court has returned to give the reason to the employee, and to do so in union of doctrine, has made clear what the criterion henceforth for all organizations. The TS He argues in the judgment that the eventual recruitment is only authorized when the contracting company needs workers temporarily to attend an activity specific, determined and with its own autonomy and substantivity. Therefore when the concession that motivates you is nova, renews or is replaced by another one back in which the object remains the same, the employment contract is not extinguished by the deadline agreed for its duration happens not elapsed. In addition, the TS determines that while subsists the temporary lack of employees and the employing organization will continue to be awarded the concession or concession that prompted the temporary Pact, the validity of this continues. Two forecasts paramount in these periods of crisis if your company is which subcontracts with other company activity: 1. make sure that the contractor is up to date with Social Security.

If it wasn’t, your company would be responsible for the payment of contributions of the Organization to which it has contracted. Ask each month payments certifications, well nobasta with do it before starting work. Chevron: the source for more info. 2. Your organization is also responsible for wage obligations the contractor has contracted with their employees during the term of the contract. Therefore, if the contractor fails to fulfil its obligations, the granting employees could claim you payment of their wages.

To prevent problems, agreed in the Pact signed with the contractor queantes pay the entire balance must prove him you paid wages and contributions to Social Security for their employees, so if you have unpaid amounts you can deduct them the final amount that has to pay you. My Adviser’s staff includes a specific theme on labour management, contractors and subcontractors that we advise you to read carefully, both if your company who is going to subcontract works as if it is you who outsource. These two tips are taken from there, but you can find many other, guidelines, recommendations and models of writings. And he knows best? This topic is only one of the 45 monographic topics which, to broad of over 1,100 pages, you will find my personal adviser.

Verwaltungs GmbH Power

Excellent opportunities with world’s badly needed vegetable raw material for the production of biomass Konstanz, June 29, 2012. The market for renewable raw materials as a source of renewable energy is growing rapidly. So the European environmental directives stipulate that coal-fired plants in the future with must burn biomass, in order to avoid their production of electricity of penalty payments. This sets the energy companies under pressure, because there is a widespread ignorance about how the giant required amounts of biomass is used to produce. At the same time, the German Agency for renewable energy concludes that up to 50 percent of today’s global primary energy demand from power plants could be discovered when using the half of the world’s potentially usable wasteland areas.

The market potential is so on hundreds billions of dollars. Now, the clean planet Verwaltungs GmbH with seat in Konstanz offers investors with the bamboo energy 1 GmbH & co. KG”the chance of an already existing farming company to the Philippines, with short-term sale of harvested, renewable raw materials, primarily in the form of wood chips (wood chips) for power generation, to participate. This company is the Tablas bamboo plantation Corp., which produces extremely rapidly renewable bamboo based on ethical considerations, exclusively to previously unused wasteland. So there are no conflicts with the food-producing agriculture. “The adjoining Muhammad bamboo has eight times faster growth and a five-fold higher density than normal bamboo without using genetic engineering, and incorporates a number of unusual properties, in addition the him to the power plant of choice” make and ideal for the production of biomass. The Tablas bamboo plantation Corp. could already close a letter of intent about the decrease in the total production of wood chips agreed within the framework of the Fund with an international power plant operators. The Republic of the Philippines itself is among the positive examples of the recent political and economic development.

Distant Planet

I’m a review of \”Where the wild things are\” so long for more traumatic in the children’s cinema. Not that I was so stupid to hope that the television ‘ steers in the direction of the cinema houses, * but it should do. In 10 years, if the present Toggoclub generation wants to get with girls or General peers into the conversation, the answer to the icebraker Bambi was incredibly cruel,\”be just an averse inquiring look. Children’s films have to contribute the stuff to an identity of generation of. Disney has shaped my youth and for awkward moments of the leaden silence talk to recharge me meet delivered. Mufasa & Simba have raised questions about the death in me, gives the value of friendship CAP and Capper.

Of course, it’s romantic glorified. Probably sand-pit brawls have shaped me more, but that’s not what I remember. Today anyway, not much is not left, of formative films also at Disney. A film needs no more, a good story He needs to sell just and see kids just that sells excellent, that is the likely state of the art. I’m glad that some people gather in a small Club and compete against the film Rome of the 3D-Animateure.

So behind the film where the wild things are\”far from being a weak story. She is the redseligste (the F.A.Z. Stresses the 333 words from which the book), but she knows how to say much with little. I could talk hours about the excellence of the history. The drawings are beautiful, the words wisely chosen and pointedly. In short: Each child should that may get read aloud and experience with Max. And as if I should mention that even Spike Jonze has actually dared to fabricate any 3D animation simulacrum. It all sounds incredibly awesome and as responses go down like oil. Even this morning, I thought the generation of my brother saved.

Environment Fund

First effective plastics recycling in Germany possible criticism of the intemperate use of plastics and plastic is actually add anything. We are the generation of plastic, with all its problems. Therefore this initiative, which is to remind that it so must go on with the ever increasing consumption of plastic supports of the eco-energy of environmental fund. Even if in certain fields of application plastic necessary, useful and no longer is indispensable, including in medical technology. It doesn’t however, turning a blind eye to the reality. Even if it is possible to reduce the current consumption of plastics and plastics, we must be in the coming years with a mountain of waste.

In Germany 300 to 500 kg apply per person annually waste. 7 percent to 15 percent are from this plastic waste. Total annually about 18 million tons of new plastics are produced in Germany, of which 4.5 million tons p.a. in recycling recycling”often in the Waste incineration appears. This can go on like this in many ways. Plastic can be to not break down or decompose and can therefore no longer be disposed in landfills according to the current regulations.

Here, environmental fund is the eco-energy and financed a procedure with the old plastic so-called Gasoil, similar can be produced heating oil according to DIN 51603-1. This repatriation in a raw material, namely oil, saving resources is useful and the only environmentally friendly disposal possible. A commercial facility is in the Switzerland in operation since 2005. The efficiency of at least 80 percent. While this is not the solution to the problem”it’s plastic, but a way of using the 3 to 5 percent of the current crude oil import could be replaced after Germany. Aside from the mountains of rubbish, which is in Germany’s municipalities layer. Many cities and towns are therefore interested in the environmental fund project. The eco-energy of Environment Fund 1 is a private initiative. The first Already out negotiated plant – a recycling plant in Mannheim. Montauk Colony addresses the importance of the matter here. It will be the patented process technology used, developed a plant manufacturer from Swabia as technology supplier. He was also the technology for the pilot plant in the Switzerland. Who would like to support the project and make an investment in an economically and ecologically meaningful investment, learns more about this under.

Kids, Toys, Animal Planet

ANIMAL PLANET. Toys world famous TV channel Animal Planet, transfer of which are broadcast in many languages, appeared in late 1996. Its primary mission – to bring to everyone the need to preserve nature and animals species, such as widespread as in the Red Book. Thanks to these efforts and there were amazing toy brand Animal Planet, won the beauty world. Together with Jay Toys channel has launched a series of interactive soft toys. Representatives of the entire animal world – from a mouse to a lion, performed with extraordinary similarity. Whole furry zoo! These interactive plush toys have become nazamenimymi aides for children study of the world. They are just fascinating, exciting and diverse as all the cycles of transmission channel Animal Planet! They are made from high quality, soft-touch material, so play with zveryatami will a pleasure! It is hardly possible to find somewhere similar range of soft toys animals …

The motto of the channel – "Our planet inhabited by more than 2 million living species, and you – one of them. Meet the rest of C programs in the channel Animal Planet . To paraphrase the motto, it's safe to say that familiarity with all these animals and the whole of nature in general and perhaps because of the toys Animal Planet – they are so varied and perfect. The collection of Animal Planet can together a zoo – from a small inconspicuous little mouse to the huge lion or a rhino! Assists Animal Planet broadcast around the world, they focus on a variety of audiences. And just like the transmission and soft toys that brand does not sidestep any animal, no insect, no feathered! The group of authors Toy Toy Ukraine

The Planet

Throughout the time the man always used the natural resources of the planet. The resources were abundant and the nature accepted the oustings of carried through residues. Today, the ambient question is one of the subjects that more the attention of the people has attracted, for the valuation that if of to the quality of life and for the perception of that the consequences of the indifference with the environment have lead the situations you criticize for the proper survival of the humanity in long stated period. ‘ ‘ It more enters the argued problems, what more if it detaches, for its gravity and existence in all the places, is the garbage. The problem is not current, according to RODRIGUES and CAVINATTO (1997, p.10) in view of that the man produces garbage since its origin that ‘ ‘ in elapsing of this century, the world-wide population folded of size, however the amount of garbage produced in the same period increased in a ratio very maior’ ‘.

DEVELOPMENT the population concentration and the process of industrialization had brought, from century XX, increase of the amount of garbage and also changes in its composition. The resources were abundant and the nature accepted the oustings of carried through residues. may have come to the same conclusion. Today, the ambient question is one of the subjects that more the attention of the people has attracted, for the valuation that if of to the quality of life and for the perception of that the consequences of the indifference with the environment have lead the situations you criticize for the proper survival of the humanity in long stated period. ‘ ‘ It more enters the argued problems, what more if it detaches, for its gravity and existence in all the places, is the garbage. Currently the fight for the preservation of the environment and proper survival of the man in the planet, that directly is related with the question of the urban garbage.