Portuguese Crown

Between 1762-63 the process of nesting of the missioneiros guaranis in the edges of the river Gravata occurs, in, as Quevedo (1998), these guarani had been of great utility for the Portuguese government had served as agriculturists, tamers, masons, carpenters, you love of milk. They had in such a way served the inhabitants as to the farmers of the Village of the Angels (SAINTS, 1998:129). From there it happens the problems of the indian to the edge of the society. The indian in the missions was part of the system of that one said ' ' Estado' '. The gora inside of the pertaining territory the Portuguese Crown, that possua an enslaved system of production guarani is the edge of this state of things. Guarani in the Village of the Angels is the day laborer, does not possess more inside the degree of importance of the production system that possua in the missions. He is a subject of second order, that lost its space, that one that long ago had conquered certain ' ' autonomia' ' inside of the missions.

That one that for much time was the place that contained the codes of the world of guarani of the time of the reductions. ' ' (…) of the missioneira experience to the reality river-grandense, with the difference of that, in the project luso, the indian was resembled more to an object, having to work and to be submisso, to the step that, in the missioneiro project it approaches more to the citizen of its processo.' ' (SAINTS, 1998:131). It has one loses of identity and values for the indian guarani that it from now on had serious consequncias until the present. The consequncia of one guarani ' ' reduzido' ' the almses of the process Brazilian politician. For (SAINTS: 1998) the withdrawal of guarani of the missions is that it created this process of poverty that the state played, not only guarani, as all the indians the edge of the society.

Milton Saints

After all our next one is what it is why we want or why the society in attributes this univocal relation to them of feeling? Of who we want to run away? We can in them armor through insignia and headings or deturpantes conceptions of practical groups or being that we do not treat to make something so that something concrete is made? Today he is only 13 of May and I had one I try to question the paper that is molded by the society and me exactly, through practical institucional unloaded and taken root, included in a surface each globalizada and individual time at the same time as in them it points Milton Saints. We are walking for an age of huge technological executions and we would not have in forgetting it to them our estranhamento this world, of this imesno Leviat of which we construct and we do not know more as to destroy. The individualism and the barbarity indicate a retrocession pointed for Marx in the Philosophical Economic Manuscripts when it says in them of the historical materialism. We walk for the State of Nature! It does not leave that its instinct has taken you the ways of which pods not to return. The man is a being that if auto intitles sapiente, but, that in the daily one he presents abominable acts, as to arrive at the point to enslave its image and similarity to gain something. He studies and he helps to improve the world and not involua as many scholars!.


Sara Rivers 20m, Wicked Jesus 20m was seated of pacific form in the street Sacrament to prevent the exit of the official cars once formed the City council. It had installed fences in all the streets to 500 meters to the round one. Three hundred people have simulated ' burial of democracia'. Gallardn, reelected like mayor of Madrid. More than half hundred of antiriot of the Police it has removed by the force ' indignados' of Madrid, that remained seated of pacific form in the street Sacrament, next the high street, to where east Saturday had gone to boycott the taking of possession of Alberto Ruiz-Gallardn like mayor of Madrid. The sitting has been organized with the aim of restraining the exit of the official cars of the parking where they were. With shouts of " asesinos" and " not to violencia" , some of the concentrates have been dragged by the ground by the security forces to try to dissolve the concentration and that could pass the cars official. At the moment in which they arrived the cars were received with tooted and shouts of " that car is mine, you have robbed me coche".

According to they indicate ' indignados' from the Twitter de AcampadSol, " they have raised to woods next to the street Villa to us and the Pretil&quot street;. The Police has snatched some casseroles that carried the concentrates and that previously had made sound like manifestation of protest. Finally, it has had to clear bolardo of the street Sacrament to blows with a mace to clear plus the step and that the official cars could leave the parking with facility. The protest scene moved next to the place of Cibeles, where the celebration of an act of the municipal corporation in the Palace of Telecommunications was predicted and new it soothes of the City council.

Canada Best

It is undeniable that you esforzaste by always show you your best face, your best facet and your best qualities. Do defects? is generally the last thing shown and when we do it we are already sold so well that the infatuation of the client (I mean your partner) does not let see them. As you can see all we sell and we however uncomfortable or frightened us sales. Why? Primarily by two factors: first because the sellers are badly seen, seem inopportune, fastidious and dishonest. We think they are capable of doing anything to force us to buy.

It is simply a question of power. Your buyer want to address the situation and you don’t like the idea that a seller you coaccione. If you go to a store only to see the latest model of anything and 2 or 3 sellers approaching you in only 15 minutes, what you feel? But if instead you go to the store with money in hand and determination to buy this beautiful dress that you’ve seen on showcase, don’t expect that a seller you closer immediately to assist you as you deserve? In the second place, is the subconscious fear of rejection. You can simply not bear people looks at you wrong, say you NO or you judge. It is very rare that a person to walk down the street and you’re singing at half voice.

But put that person an ipod blaring with headphones that cover your ears and walk singing loudly as if they were torturing him. By What? Because you will feel isolated from the world, far from looks and comments. Like when one sings in the shower. That fear of rejection causes you to be unable to speak in public or to sell. Selling is a natural process. It is the tool that led to the economic development of civilization and may be more salary activity of all if you learn to develop that skill. Sell is even more about psychology than to the commercial sector. It is not necessarily linked to collections or the world of trademarks. But if you stubbornly deny your skill, almost innate, sell, then the next time someone asks you what it may take for your headache, tell him to take a tablet of aspirin and fixed matter. OVER the author Walter Hernandez Aguado publishes your ezine with tips and information on immigration to Canada, integration into Canadian society and the achievement of a new successful life.