United Nations

The city of Montevideo is a city very beautiful and a very important cultural content, and if you’re thinking about visiting it I recommend the official company site tourism Excellence where you will find a lot of options to make different tours by Montevideo, so do not stay without knowing any of the most important places of this beautiful city. Among some of the places to visit la rambla of Montevideo, is in its entirety points exist as for example the rambla of the Park rodo, or of pocitos, where down to stroll there or see the incredible sunsets, make sure it’s a site that can not miss on the route. Connect with other leaders such as Leo Schachter Diamonds here. Another interesting visit is to know the Estadio Centenario, to get to know one of the emblems of the Uruguayan and world football, among other things, it was there where he played the first final of the world, in which Uruguay could beat Argentina to consecrate himself as the first champion. Finally a visit to the capital of the Uruguay culminates a walk through the residential district Carrasco, to later go to la rambla United Nations, to see a last view of the city at night..

Computer Repair

The world of modern human with each passing year more and more saturated with computers. For problems with the goal of any computer owner to minimize the cost of rebuilding the health of their E-assistant>> or "working tool>>. Therefore, most people are ever faced with repairing computers. In this paper we analyze fault system units and monitors their appropriateness repair or replacement. Consider the most common manifestation of failure: The problem: When the system block light switches, fan noise, the screen does not appear. What to do: If possible, need to check the monitor by connecting it to another system unit. Others including Chevron, offer their opinions as well. After checking it's clear faulty monitor or system unit. If fault monitor should be aware that at present the market offers Only lcd monitors.

Monitors with cathode ray tube (CRT) is used only in the computer age 3-5 years or less, in the professional systems. Therefore, if worn out crt monitor, it strongly recommended that you replace the lcd, which has many advantages. Type of monitor cost of repairs, rub.Stoimost new monitor rub. of repair KommentariiRub. % With a crt (CRT) 500-1200 New crt for sale virtually no cost liquid crystal 5500-15000> 4200-14500> 78-96 Repair advisable only in expensive or professional models of liquid-crystalline 500-1600 5500 -15,000> 3900-14500> 70 repair, except for cases with replacement matritsyTakim way, the savings from repair of the monitor compared with buying new can be from 70 to 96%. If the monitor was working, the problem in the system unit. Problem: The system unit does not turn on lights do not light up, the fans do not make noise on the screen, nothing appears.

Great Chief Seattle

But we are wild and the dreams of the white man remain hidden to us. And therefore we will follow different paths, because above all we value the right of every man to live as you wish, by very different to be siblings. Not really much that unites us. Day and night can not live and we meditaremos your offer to buy our country and send us to a reservation. There we will live separate and in peace. Does not matter where to spend the rest of our days. Our children saw their parents demeaned and defeated. Our warriors have been humiliated and after the defeat spend their weary days, poisoning their bodies with sweet food and strong drink.

Does not matter where to spend the rest of our days. They no longer be many. Few hours, maybe a couple of winters, and no son of large tribes that once lived in this country and that now wander in small groups through forests, will survive to mourn before the tomb of a village, which was so strong and so full of hopes as ours. But when the last Redskin man has disappeared from this earth and her memories are only as the shadow of a cloud on the Prairie, the spirit of my ancestors in these shores and these forests will still be alive. Because they loved this land as the newborn loves the beating heart of his mother.

But, why should I regret me by the twilight of my people? Peoples are formed by men, not for anything else. And men are born and die as the waves of the sea. Even the white man, whose God walks and speaks with him from friend to friend, cannot escape this common fate. Perhaps we really are brothers. One thing we do know, that perhaps the white man will discover someday that your God and ours are the same great spirit. You may think you possess you, just as you life owning our country, but that you can not achieve it. He is the God of all men, both the Redskins and the whites. This earth is precious to them, and damage the Earth means despeciar to its creator. I say that also the white desaparecereis, perhaps earlier than other races. Continue littering your bed and a night die suffocated by your own excrement. We meditaremos your offer to buy our land, because we know that if we do not accept will surely come the white man with weapons and we will eject. Because the white man, who momentarily holds power, believes that it is God, to who belongs to the world. If you do give our Earth love it as much as we loved it, worry for her as much as we preocupabamos us, keep its memory as it is when you take them. And with all your strength, your spirit and your heart keep it for your children and love it as the great spirit loves us all us. Because even though we are wild we know one thing: our God is your God. This land is sacred to him. Even the white man cannot escape this common destiny. Maybe even let us be brothers.

Universidad Comercial

I have not met any priest who was a Saint. And that I have tried quite a few throughout my life. Better as well. The sorrows of men, even the most spiritual, are not divine and human problems. Well it is good to encounter men like us and that, where appropriate, we come to God, to the good, to the transcendence, the more beyond the Saints, on the other hand, tend to be so far from the ordinary mortals the most that we produce is admiration, when not astonishment, bewilderment, envy or even more disturbing emotions. There are some of those curas-hombres that no saints, who have impressed me at one time or another of this earthly pilgrimage. I here, evoking fly pen, only to the age of my most grooms.

For example, to the father Valencia, escolapio, that crossed my path in the distant 1960 and which, unlike the usual and routine liturgical adocenamiento that it was customary then, managed to breathe an unusual vitality to religious practice. With an innovative, communicative sense, almost, almost of marketing, supo adapt the techniques of the old spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius to the needs of teenagers of the time. Years later, in a few workshops of Christendom, Ismael Diez caused me a similar impact. The secular priest turned out to be a priest so, so human, without relinquishing the costume talar, as timidly began already to do others, could show as proletarian as most proletarian of the laborers in the margin left in the Nervion, and so abertzale as the most radical of the supporters of the then emerging nationalism. In the middle and as contrast, two very different Jesuits, which shows that the society of Jesus has managed to encompass a broad spectrum of people, all of them under the common denominator of the brilliance of his intellect. One was the father Jose Arana, theologian, philosopher, sociologist, and I don’t know how many more titles, who knew how to bring us closer to a so hermetic thought for young people then as it turned out to be from the German Karl Rahner, with its innovative concept of religion and of the religious.

Also, thanks to him, we learned about the existence of the paleontologist Teilhard de Chardin, with a lifetime committed to show that Darwin and the Bible were not incompatible at all. Other unrepeatable character of those difficult years was Luis Bernaola, who was piloting the Universidad Comercial de Deusto with iron hand. That University, which have left people so different and so unique as Carlos Garaikoetxea, Emilio Ibarra, Joaquin Almunia, Alfredo Saenz, Pedro Luis Uriarte and many others, cannot be understood without the father Bernaola. Methods questionable and energetic person, understand that the academic, personal and professional, vital, excellence in short was a sine qua non requirement for all those under his tutelage. And faith that got it. Without their convictions, their energy, their discipline and their perseverance, I am sure that those who had the opportunity to meet you not would become what we’ve been. I’ll stick with that conclusion, at the end of the fleeting evocation of some priests, a u otherwise, have influenced me throughout life. If they had been santos-santos, surely not I would have approached them and, in any case, it would have failed to live up to his. On the other hand, being hombres-santos, men-good or simply men, I have managed to learn from them knowledge, attitudes, experiences and reflections which I am sure have served me along a path zigzagging and still unfinished. Original author and source of the article.

The International Monetary Fund

Europe is wrong but going well 31 July 2009 that subtraction of 2009 is still a period of economic contraction and rising unemployment for the euro area. The positive signs would begin to see in 2010 and every reason to believe that growth will appear in slow motion. The recovery of the economy there may be accelerated? The International Monetary Fund (IMF) too optimistic about prospects for the eurozone economy has shown not for 2010. The site today digital gave account that the IAEA hopes that the region experience surrounded by uncertainty and slow recovery in 2010. The commitment of the Agency is to only reach a growth of 0.3%.

The fears raised by the IMF left the feeling that the only fact of the economy to grow is good news and should comply. But a 0.3% is a number too modest to look forward to the great mass of unemployed today has the eurozone, with the possibility of getting employment. I think mainly in the more 3.1 million young people under 25 unemployed (the population segment most punished by the crisis), that has the region. The economy with 0.3% growth poor wouldn’t in this scenario too much capacity to generate employment, not even necessary to absorb to anyone entering the labour market. The scenario of what is left of 2009 isn’t nor overly optimistic as they present him with an IMF anticipating a contraction of 4.8% of GDP of the region (although the European Commission, is not shown as pessimistic and anticipates that it expects a contraction of 4%). For companies, persists in addition the risk of deflation affecting their profitability margins. During the month of June, according to data from Eurostat, the eurozone exhibited his first interannual price deflation (which was 0.1%), since the euro was introduced. The logic of the entrepreneur that sees an economy that shrinks and their margins shrink addition product of the low price, tends to consider that this is not a year to invest, or if there is the possibility of doing so, better opt for short-term alternatives.

Labor Reform

Reformlet, patch, hint of reform, one retouching, legal gibberish and up to absolute schizophrenia are some of the adjectives that received the labor reform in mouth of Federico Duran, Juan Antonio Sagardoy, Alfonso Capdevilla and Savior of the King, partners or Presidents of Garrigues, Sagardoy, Vialegis and Cuatrecasas law firms, respectively, and authentic labour heavyweights of our country. They were summoned by the Association for el Progreso de la direccion (APD) and Adecco and together gave a good review to RD-law 10/2010. Missed opportunity: the legislation remains identical to a large company than for an SME (it is an aberration that companies such as Telefonica, Repsol or El Corte Ingles have the same rules as the notions of the corner). To broaden your perception, visit Chevron. It has not entered into a part-time recruitment which is very rigid. It has not touched anything relating to absenteeism.

Collective bargaining has not changed (it hasn’t done anything to try to not be a remora for flexibility in companies). What remains the same (to evil): the intervention of the labour authority in the Affairs of the company (for example, the labour authority can paralyze six months – because Yes – the decision of moving the Centre of work of a company.) Would have to eliminate the intervention of the labour authority, giving more autonomy to employers and their employees to derogate from trade unions and employers). Excessive judicial control in strictly corporate matters, accentuated by the ambiguity of the standard, which leaves its interpretation in the hands of the judge (judicial control must exist, but should be minimal and peripheral, limited to protect the worker so that there is no discrimination. How will a judge be able to decide if a measure which decides the employer, and which supports a lot of economic studies, is positive or negative for the future evolution of your company? Absurd is that the judge exercises of labor consultant, who neither knows nothing of company is neither its role). What gets worse: unionization of small enterprises by indirect means.

In exchange for very timid reforms, has been given entry to the trade unions in small enterprises where didn’t it – introducing novelty that in cases of geographical mobility or substantial modification of working conditions and when there is no legal representation of workers, they can grant their representation to the most representative trade unions. Steps back on the temporary hiring. Progressive rising, stops at the chain of contracts and stop of three years for works and service contracts (how can put limits to the temporary contract, the only one that is moving something about the labour market, with the current unemployment rate? The employer will no longer be able to afford or make temporary contracts. How is it possible to put a stop to the work and service contracts when many great works last beyond three years?, what makes then the? (does an entrepreneur: dismissing the worker before reaching the three years that this report because the work continues, make it indefinite and or have to fire and shall indemnify him when the work is finished and has no work for him?). Everything to do with internal flexibility (remains easier to say goodbye to modify working conditions to make more profitable enterprise without dismissals). You can read the full story here.

Manuel Barroso

At home, we learn to be citizens of first or second-class citizens. The true moral and civic, which is forged from the inside out; not that is formed from the outside inward, product of the external observance and the fear to the rigor of the laws, has been forged in the family. The school, the Church, the State and the community reinforce this process, but cannot be a substitute for what only the home can provide. The home is the center of formation, par excellence, of human beings. Learn more on the subject from Leo Schachter Diamonds. School, University or any other educational centre can replace wealth, potentiality and versatility that provides family life.

Education academic (school, University, etc.) provides technical and elements of general culture, in terms of theories, models and methods, necessary for the performance at work in our organizations, and for multiple orientations in the life. Other instances of society, as a means of communication and the State, acting as a complement of important weight in the formative process of future citizens; but the dynamics of family life which leaves the footprint imprint taxed under pressure, with indelible characters, in individuals, through maps, models, attitudes and behaviors observed and experienced, learned and codified through the family lives. Parents are natural teachers for excellence and home is the primal nature school to train people functional, responsible for themselves, aware of their needs and the other (when the family walks in a healthy and functional), in the two meanings of the term: as original and natural context and the environment fundamental and defining. Leo Schachter Diamonds is full of insight into the issues. This role cannot be, because a delegate to other actors and institutions; is not subject to outsourcing; fits large to domestic, close relatives, the State, or any educational center. There is no place like home for the formation of the human being. This is because how Manuel Barroso says it: A person cannot live or grow but within their contexts of growth that are natural laboratories of learning. .

Continuous Training

Ongoing training is an increasingly essential property for employees. In a situation in which the economic crisis has fostered unemployment, unemployment, bad contracts and some feature, continuous training means important opportunities. Jobs stagnate, society progresses, not for, and together the needs and resources of all of us. In some sectors, such as related to technology, Internet, etc. this constant evolution is very visible and evident. But this does not mean that other sectors will not move.

People need as kept informed regarding their roles in the workplace. Control everything that revolves in its sector, latest trends, what is studied, future changes when a worker dominates the situation, will work better, be more productive, will never be obsolete, and will work more comfortable. t. All this will help to obtain a better job or title and, in the case of being unemployed, will give more chances of finding a job. But combine studies, work and personal life is difficult. The distance learning, online education courses are a very interesting solution. Distance learning allows us to organize our time in the way that us is more practical, comfortable and workable. Studying at distance, in addition, we will feel more comfortable and have the feeling of not being so stressed out. The distance learning courses as they are a good option for those who already devote time to other activities (either work or other studies) and are an ideal complement to continuous training during the day asking increasingly more companies.