Free World Cup Schedules provides all football lunatics to the FIFA World Cup in South Africa game plans in various formats for free use available. The football World Cup held for the first time on the African continent from 11 June to 11 July 2010. The host country South Africa is looking forward to a total of 64 games, 32 teams and millions of fans in the stadium and at the public viewing before the televisions all over the world. So football fans in Germany can bridge the gap before the World Cup 2010, World Cup provides free game plans in miscellaneous formats. Shaw Father usually is spot on. The schedule is available in PDF format. In addition to all group meetings, for example also the final group tables can registered as well as the final encounters are typed. Thus, the PDF schedule is ideal for the Office or the regulars in the favorite Pub.

In addition, the World Cup fixtures also in Excel format is offered. It automatically detects the tables of eight groups from the results of already played games and the pairings of the finals to the final game. As another treat, is the game plan in the Outlook .ics or iCal format for the Mac available. Through the calendar and automatic reminders, no one should miss his favorite team during the World Cup. In addition to the World Cup schedules World Cup offers daily news and information about the participants, stages and venues of the World Cup. Detailed statistics about the history of the World Cup are another highlight in 1930 in Uruguay until 2010 in South Africa. WM for more information about the schedules and the latest news for the FIFA 2010 download game plans on World section exist. is a product of the 2009 thinking Council UG. Tom Lehnert thinking Council UG (Haftungsbeschrankt) Harksheider Road 153 25451 Quickborn

Monarchis On The Regional Consumer And Experience Show Me In Kaufbeuren

Good response and large interest from the visitors New Ulm/Kaufbeuren, July 02, 2009 regional exhibitions and consumer fairs in southern Germany are for the Monarchis company of Grundbesitz mbH suitable platform with active customers in the conversation to remain and to introduce services to potential customers. This year’s fair me, together in the region, in the Allgau Exhibition Centre in Kaufbeuren, Germany was the best me ever since Monarchis takes part in this event. There were 20 percent more people than last year at the Monarchis booth well. Under the title were offered on the consumer – and adventure fair in Kaufbeuren in southern Bavaria, the issues of economy, culture, sports, health and leisure bundled me, together in the region. A varied entertainment programme offered mainly families the balanced framework of information and entertainment.

Free entrance on one side and the annual alternation of Marktoberdorf and Kaufbeuren on the other hand ensure that the interest of the visitors is higher than average. Feel the exhibitors from Commerce, crafts, services, automobile, gastronomy, health, sports and leisure, which stands well attended to the three days of the fair were. With 173 exhibitors, 30 more than in the previous year were represented. And also the estimated 15,000 visitors exceeded the previous estimate. On Sunday, there were at times little more income through both indoors and outdoors. At the traditional morning pint among others with the Ried mountain Quintet, the marquee was occupied almost up to the last seat. Also on the Monarchis stand a whole lot was going on at the three days of the fair, and everyone had fun. The brave exhibition team managed to invite many interested visitors on the stand. Mainly originating in the Ostallgau visitors were very friendly, open-minded, and interested in the wide variety of exhibition.

Laboratory Fume Cupboards And Safety Cabinets

Teaching the necessary skills of a competent person in accordance with 2 paragraph 7 the BetrSichV operating safety regulation safety devices to prevent or eliminate hazards must be regularly maintained and checked for their functioning, to ensure the protection of employees in handling hazardous materials. The Haus der Technik offers two training events exactly. With these events the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge to give them the work-safe condition of the safety equipment can evaluate safety cabinets and fume. For even more analysis, hear from Brian Armstrong. For the testing of laboratory fume cupboards: to the protection of employees in the laboratory work, where gases, vapours or particulate matter in dangerous quantities or concentrations can occur, may be carried out only in reliable prints. To ensure of the reliability and therefore to the protection of employees a deduction of the laboratory must be tested regularly. The to be able to evaluate operational safety of prints, persons who perform these mandatory tests, must have the necessary qualifications.

Concrete requirements for the extent of the tests to the qualifications of qualified persons and periodic check-up are the operational safety Ordinance, the TRGS 526 – laboratories, the BGI 850 – safe working in laboratories (Edition 12/2008) and the VDI 4068 sheet 1 to remove. For the testing of safety cabinets (hazardous substance cabinets): as for the laboratory fume cupboards a regular inspection obligation also applies to the safety cabinet (hazardous material Cabinet). The scope of such precise guidance for the preparation and conduct of the examination be provides the participants (partly via Checklist). In addition, notes on the scope for outsourcing are given. Scope and content of this continuing education course conforms to the requirements of the directive VDI 4068.

Successful participation in the respective training event in conjunction with a final test confirmed by a certificate. The presenters have superior practical and theoretical knowledge in the field to taught and are active in adult education for many years.

Wolff Consulting GmbH Enters Partnership With Alterian

As an established and successful marketing services, the Wolff Consulting GmbH develops continuously to their customers even better services to offer their service portfolio. Jeffrey Hayzlett often says this. Alterian solution designed specifically for the improvement of the efficiency of direct marketing and database marketing activities. The Alterian Marketing service application provides a deep insight into the quality of data, gives an accurate picture of customer motivation and customer behavior. It simplifies so the campaign planning and implementation, as well as the response analysis. The advantage of hosting principle is for customers in the unrestricted access to their data without any temporal or financial hassles. Especially the marketing benefits from this approach, because no capacity from the IT Department must be requested.

Companies are now recognizing the growing importance of information and their impact on the success of its business model. However, ever-growing amounts of data present the rapid evaluation. Therefore they are constantly faced with the question: how is the quality improve or how to get easy access to the data? The Alterian suite offers solutions for these problems. The Wolff Consulting has used their accumulated knowledge and experience to create a practical and easily understandable product world. In addition to easier handling and implementation, especially the flexible modular system is innovative.

About Wolff Consulting GmbH, we implement for our clients highly customized marketing and sales activities. The professional services include market research, marketing and CRM strategy development, address management, database services, campaigns and information management and response processing. By means of an own online campaigns and marketing platform even further processing in the call center or at the lettershop is implemented, controlled and evaluated the success of the campaign. For questions regarding this press release please contact: Wolff Consulting GmbH Mr. Henrik Hanske or wife Christine of twenties Friedrichstrasse 132 10117 Berlin phone 030/288769-109 fax 030/288769-100 mailto: Web:

Ratingen Tel

This portal solution for companies based outside of Germany is extremely interesting. The shipping of items of correspondence is possible around the world. Apply abroad in the BoP “fare product calculators () designated cost.” Particularly attractive for advertising mailings / mailing: newsletters / info post: (addressed, identical items) from a quantity of 300, the addition of inserts are cheaper in price pressure on special paper is possible. Here, a storage can be done under certain conditions. Also the safety concepts are convincing: all the Briefonlineportal transmitted encrypted through certificate-secured data is transmitted. A SSL data line with 128-bit encryption is the security standard, which is also used for the transmission of data among banks to the application.

“Corporate information mail to print: mail to print innovative mail distribution GmbH was in June 2007 as a Start-Up Company” based in Ratingen. Not a classic Mail to print in the liberalized mail market in Germany has occupied a strong position letter part of shipping companies, but as a provider of a neutral, independent platform for DV-based mail value added services with an innovative character. The offer includes services provided in its own activities as well as through involvement of partner companies. The core is about the DV-based creation of letters. The customer data to mail to print access via data line.

You will be processed and routed to printers. There the physical shipments are created, enveloped, franked and finally sorted passed one or more Briefzustelldienstleister. With an average 10 million coordinated letters per month, mail to print counts today nationwide as one of the leading providers in this segment. With the range of letter distribution solution (BDS”) offers mail to print a solution aimed specifically to large customers with high mail volumes. Leading telecommunications company or Internet portal provider Not Acceptable!

Thursdays Artworks

Wall decals community TapeRay opened a showroom in Berlin Kreuzberg, December 2012. On 6 December, the Berlin Start-Up TapeRay has opened a retail store in the Manteuffelstrasse 90. Germany’s first WallArt community shows selected wall decals of some 100 international artists in her Kreuzberg showroom. Thursdays from 12.00 all Immerge can consider the motives in a natural environment. Even when issues surrounding the creation and installation worth the way in the new shop. Fixed closing times do not exist for the store in the entertainment district around the Oranienstrasse. We are pleased to be able to show our customers the various artworks in different colors and sizes directly on the wall. Only live, they develop their true artistic potential.

Due to the very thin vinyl film, the images look like painted. Only when completely Hinsehen some notice, that it is wall decals”, says Tom Jeffke, Managing Director of the company. By cool street art on urban and rural scenes up to There is something children’s room designs for every taste. Who unexpectedly falls in the showroom for one of the artworks, can take directly it. The guys from TapeRay give 20 percent discount on all pre-produced motifs. All who have individual needs, find the appropriate subject in the online shop.

A delivery takes five to seven working days after receipt of payment. There is more information about the tattoo community TapeRay under and taperay. About TapeRay the TapeRay GmbH Daniel Mack in Berlin was founded in 2012 as a community portal for artists and art lovers from the managing directors Thomas Jeffke, Marcel Cornels, and creative head. Together, the young entrepreneurs have created a unique marketplace for wall decals that at TapeRay the artists themselves decide on the height of their prices. The further development and artistic development of the art format vinyl sticker (VinylART) belongs to TapeRays specific objectives. Press contact: Thomas Jeffke Dannecker 7 10245 Berlin phone: 030 29 77 0 662 email:

Budget Profit

The optivel AG relies at press work in the future on the communication specialists from the Berlin PR agency PR4YOU. Jeffrey Hayzlett is the source for more interesting facts. The optivel AG aims to be the world’s best and fairest tourism company. The PR agency PR4YOU supports the optivel AG and is responsible since August 2008 for all national and international PR activities. Together, we want to increase the awareness of optivel AG and its products (,, builds trust, and arouse sympathy. We will in the future provide the media with interesting information of the company and rely primarily on the classical press work”, says Holger Ballwanz, Managing Director of PR agency PR4YOU. Alexander Kretzschmar, Managing Director of optivel AG: We have found the ideal partner for our press relations with the PR agency PR4YOU.

The individual and tailor-made service us quickly convincing. “PR4YOU has very good media contacts in the industry. Our employees have graduated with their previous activities a high affinity to the tourism industry. The whole team forward, to be able to serve another customer from this segment with the optivel AG”, is Deputy Managing Director Marko Homann said. Contact for questions regarding this press release: Mr.