Globalisation Black

By the mountain ranges nor the seas. Rain quality of the two coasts. Ports abiertos to the hopes. II WELL. There where they destroy stones of the house of my parents. There where they destroy bitts of our birds the small ones and the real birds.

There where now they open the bottles of the black smoke. There where the black smoke now dyes of black color indigo the garden. There just this the dry well and laughed there dry. Where the white dust of the path covers the eyes to us. Dry leaves of trees droughts already are. There there the paradise of my childhood.

Now it is hell of black gold. Where the seas cruzados crujen pain in the heat of. There there now only a single station the summer of Globalisation the contamination and the extermination. Dry networks and thorns of fish that lie in the already dead sea. The sands grow and the water is run out. Or the torrential water floods to us with or without reason. Our homes. Who mistress now the two coasts mirrors of the ephemeral death Where the air strikes like crazy person next to a great ball fire air skittle. They devastate the crystal runners mirrors of the evil that we suffer. Melted crystals of the poles and the ice. Everything runs without brake with I release the brakes. We go towards the black night. We are draining septic tanks. We go towards the wind that will cross the blindness, The empty pupils watching the died fruits of the mother earth already died. III IT HAPPENED. We do not wake up behind schedule. We do not wait for tearful lloros. Of I milk ardent of the breathlessness. And the death of our Mother Earth And I while I cry asolas. And I buccaneer of the Dead Sea. And I rider by a white path. And I while I only cry and I cry Poetry of the revolution surrealistic neon.

Fireworks Festival

Many choose to Mallorca as their favorite destination for holidays. Reasons there are plenty: easy access, a wonderful climate, lovely beaches and a host of gastronomic delights. But there are those who put foot on the island for other reasons. Mallorca is recognized as an outstanding venue of events and festivals that occur throughout the year. If you leave yourself to be seduced by any of them, you will surely spend a vacation different and impossible to forget. To know the broad agenda of events and festivities on Mallorca for every week and month of the year, consult one of the many web sites devoted to festivals in Mallorca. Some of these websites are run by people who live and work in Mallorca, who are best suited to tell how people really live every holiday of the island.

One of the most popular festivals is the Nit del Foc (night of fire). This starring magnificent bonfires and Fireworks Festival is conducted every year in the Parc de la Mer in Palma. The excellent climate of Mallorca is one of the ingredients essential to enjoy one of the most beautiful nights of the year in Mallorca. While the spell of the Nit del Foc lasts only for one night, the Mallorca Rock festival proposes grandiose musical evenings since the beginning of June until the beginning of September. Mallorca Rock festival invites one of the main exponents of modern music, so make sure you review the programming to not miss the best concerts before consulting the flights to Mallorca.

Mallorca also holds lovely festivities outside the summer months. If visits Mallorca in September you can enjoy the Festa des Melo, festival that marks the end of the annual harvest and is dedicated to watermelons. If you are a lover of this tasty fruit, you can not miss it. Visiting Mallorca during popular festivals is a unique opportunity to learn more about the traditions and culture of the island. Fortunately, Mallorca festivities take place every month of the year, so no matter what date you choose for your holidays, always you will have occasion of Live unforgettable moments together with the inhabitants of the island. If you are thinking about traveling to Mallorca in your next vacation, check numerous offers of car hire in Mallorca, since it is the best way to explore all the attractions of the island with total freedom. And whatever the festival you choose, remember to always book your tickets in advance, to make sure you are in the place and at the right time, there where the party exploits. Original author and source of the article


Pupils with age between 13 and 14 years, that like the Internet, it computer and of all this modern technological apparatus, but the great majority does not like to read, does not have the habit of the reading, does not know the reading? pleasure. You may find that Barry Judge can contribute to your knowledge. Literature is not part of its lives. Considering itself that many schools already count on a laboratory of computer science with Internet and feel the necessity to unite or to involve the new technologies of integrated form, it criticizes and creative, aiming at to the development of full citizens, and also considering that many times alone the effort of the professor so that the pupils develop the habit and the taste for the reading, is not enough to transform them into readers. It is presented here, an action proposal so that the pupils become reading from the indication of headings and the incentive of the proper colleagues of room. In the truth, one intends that a pupil goes stimulating the other in this practical pleasant and necessary that it is the reading. The pedagogical action integrating the use of technology and media will be developed from the distribution, made for the professor, of a book: story, romance or poetry of Brazilian literature for each one of the pupils of the room.

These will read books and in followed they will have to produce a text speaking of the book of creative, incentivadora form. The texts produced for them will be corrected by the professor how much to the orthography, and the punctuation. The newness is that on the contrary of the texts to be read or displayed in the classroom, will be created a virtual environment the ORKUT so that the pupils postem its productions and know the productions of the others, providing the interlacement between pupil, content and technology. In this process the professor will be the facilitador, the mediator of the learning at the same time where he learns with the pupils.

The Museum

Since September 11, we are expanding our area into a thriving residential and business district. We offer small theatres, museums, parks and restaurants. “Manhattan is so much to experience, see, eat and enjoy so come”, enthuses community leader Chin. There are 19 hotels with an estimated 4,500 rooms, of which nine since 2006 have been opened in new accommodation in lower Manhattan. The hotels in the area include: the best Western seaport Inn is located in the Centre of the South Street Seaport district and is located just a short walk from lower Manhattan’s most famous attractions. Many guest rooms offer stunning views of the East River and the Brooklyn Bridge.

The recently opened and affordable Holiday Inn Express New York City Wall Street is located in the Centre of the financial district and is located only a stone’s throw from the stock exchange, which is City Hall and the Federal Reserve Bank. The Gild Hall, a boutique-Thompson Hotel with 126 rooms, is equipped with a modern English Tavern, design objects and elegant works of art. The World Center Hotel, located just a few steps from the 9/11 Memorial and the soon finished One World Trade Center, offers guests stunning views of the New York Harbor from his view of the world terrace Club. Cultural institutions offering only independent Museum in the country dedicated to American financial history, the Museum of American Finance on interactive exhibitions, historical artifacts related to Wall Street, as well as a special program for families. The Museum of Jewish heritage commemorates those who lost their lives during the Holocaust and offers visitors a multi-perspectival view on the history, culture and life of modern Judaism. The skyscraper Museum in lower Manhattan’s battery Park City known pays tribute to New York’s rich architectural heritage as the birthplace of modern skyscrapers. Restaurants and night life as a popular venue for political actors in New York.


The transparency thus created generates a high understanding of the process at the parties and thus high employee acceptance. Efficient and lean process design with WissIntra the WissIntra base module, the process manager, reduces the complexity of your business processes. Through the use of individual P-cards, which can be customized to meet the needs of your company, your processes are understandable and usable. An efficient process design is an elementary prerequisite for a standards-oriented integrated management system and base of each successful entrepreneurial activity. WissIntra is an easy to learn and convenient way to portray your company’s business processes and to work through the complex entrepreneurial challenges economically and structured. The participating employees are using a status message about informed changes made and sharing requests. Through the targeted control of process documentation and hierarchy-oriented verification to be content, companies benefit from a high level of transparency and security.

New is also the integrated Dokumentenversionierung. On the procurement of an internal ID documents through a link with the underlying database can be versioned as often in WissIntra. When a document replacing the old version with the same identification number is no longer valid and the new document is flagged automatically as the currently valid version. The advantages at a glance: Integrating processes with Auditkriterienlisten and different standards for efficient preparation of QM audit (DIN EN ISO / VDA) different process views, evaluations and lists process step accurate deposit of features, default and result documents assignment of process responsibilities electronic quality manual with integrated approval workflows multi-stage approval workflows for changes by Attractive complete offers a solution the clear definition of business goals, structures process steps Dokumentenversionierung and document control WissIntra as an integrated management system for process documentation, the action and the Auditmanagement.Durch, responsibilities and processes in the context of the continuous improvement process, new requirements, and business processes are recorded and thus sustainably enshrined in the company. More information at