Real Madrid

Interested parties had unique opportunity after South Africa to accompany the football star, in very special way: Via a Facebook app, the user could send a personal message to Real Madrid. This was stored on a chip, and the planted in the Turnierschuh, which Real Madrid then played. Nearly 2,000 messages received. Over 7,000 times was like’ clicked. The Nike football fan base could be raised during the campaign period from 80,000 to 150,000 and the number of fan of Mesut Ozil were increased to 365,000.

Blogs, forums, and the press reported in detail. And Mourinho has become one of the most outstanding player of the World Cup. The Bosch community under the keyword ‘One always knows how’ the power tool manufacturer Bosch created a community platform, has the handyman can replace. The overall objective? Do-it-yourself able to give a digital home. These can set projects here, reveal their knowledge, to share experiences with others, to recommendations, tips and tricks with your peers share, seek advice from professionals and test products.

With full power to get you started, have been filtered out right at the beginning more than 70 persons with a high affinity to the subject of home improvement and invited in the headquarters. There has presented the project to them and in this way gained some very active members of the community from the very beginning. Once again Bosch for the B2B sector has Bosch Bob’ launched. Bob is the professional forum for craftsmen and those who use the professional blue power tools. Who for the closed community of professional registered, can range from all sorts of goodies – how about product testing and benefit from special promotions -. The recommendation willingness of community members is extremely high, as Christoph directly reported Buhlen, senior marketing manager at a Conference. “To the question: would recommend Bosch power tools to a colleague?” a value of 217 and Bob community arose on the basis of an offline index of 100 for the Facebook fan page even a value of 234. The effect of my baby’ Customers love and praise products all the more, the more intensively they should talk during the development process. Market researchers know this effect already for a long time: if it shows people that you are interested for their opinion, their attitude to the company changed positively. Who is actively involved so as a customer and can help shape marketing processes, which hangs on his party and will accompany Active whose weal and woe. He is his ‘ company will remain loyal and highly recommend this. This is also the best prevention against loss of the customer. Because who can already like his own baby’ in the lurch?

Cheap Hotels In Saint Petersburg. All For Your Holiday .

Petersburg is not for nothing called the northern capital. Although this is available in the Russian capital Moscow, St. Petersburg law is next in importance the municipality in which the focus is not only ancient masterpieces art and history, but also the latest financial stocks. Excursions in St. Petersburg constantly enjoy considerable popularity.

And the reason is, first of all, that such a beautiful city combines and amazing ancient heritage, having a terrific cultural reserve. And yet at the same time and that at the moment, Peter – is the current financial center, which hosts a large number of industries and many other businesses. And what exactly would be of aspects of reality of Peter is not attracted travelers, Hotel Petersburg can never be left without inhabitants. The flow of tourists, in principle, not decreasing. At the moment there is a great opportunity to choose a hotel to stay overnight in St. Petersburg, not only personally going to the specific hotels of the city, but also through a global network.

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