Captain Planeta

It is in the way of this humbug that is the great users of the green speech, worried in passing a deturpada image of ambient geopolitics, that is, of the question of the use of the resources, mainly, in a relation of cause-consequncia, and densities of exploration. The responsibilities on the serious ambient impacts are not or they do not have to be distributed of equal form, therefore we have that to understand that the consumption standard, therefore, the ambient impacts, more are concentrated in the supplied classrooms more, of the developed and underdeveloped countries, what in the poor population. If you are not convinced, visit Mitsubishi. The said ambient responsibility is geographically different, therefore the capitalist development is geographically different, that is, the ambient question is an image of the space relations, mainly, capitalist space relations. The capitalism beyond being different in the economic and social point of view, for consequence, becomes different in the point of view of use the power is of vocs! Drawing Captain Planeta – main personage in the superior part and young with being able below special.> For the union of its powers I am Captain Planeta ..

Municipal Managing Plan

Ahead of what it was displayed, it fits to the City to proceed to the ambient licensing of the land divisions, and, for in such a way, it will go to analyze the aspects ambient sanitary and, the Municipal Managing Plan, the urban zoning and the norms of use and occupation of the ground. It is evident that the focus of the legislator is the protection of the environment and its natural resources. Ahead of this, exactly in the impossibility of if dimensionar the limits of the impacts caused for the construction of an enterprise, the presentation of writs of prevention and mitigadoras fits to its entrepreneurs, typically those that finish being incorporated to practical of the engineering or the exigcias of the ptrea legislation, searching, thus, the viability it enterprise that if wants to construct. A sufficiently interesting text that I read in the magazine ' ' The Economist' ' () it turns on alternatives used for the countries of the C40 to reduce the utlizao of natural resources. Although not to be directly on to the subject, I find valid to cite it as reference for construction of more sustainable enterprises. For example, the city of Chicago comes if utlizando of green roofs in its coverings to diminish the amount of demanded energy to cool the building in the summer. Moreover, water is caught of rain, making with that it reduces the use of already saturated sewer nets, and finally, the green roofs help, still, to reduce the heat islands gifts in the urban nuclei. This alternative, as well as the adoption of measures to increase the permeability of the ground (asfaltos clearer and material more absorbent) is the test of that the paradigm comes being broken and the cities are evolving for one greener politics..

Allied Chemicals

It has 10 years, reanalisei the ozone series of Oslo and Tronsoe almost, Norway, and I wrote a work showing that the estratosfricos ozone concentrations are highly changeable and depend on the variation of internal and external factors to the system Land-atmosphere, as ultraviolet production of radiation for the Sun and the presence of volcanic aerosols. The truth is that it does not have scientific evidences of that the ozone layer in the stratosphere is being destroyed for composites of clorofluorcarbono (CFCs), that are gases used in refrigeration (refrigerator, conditional air), as 11 Freon and Freon 12 of the Du Pont. What it occurred was that, as the CFCs if had become of public domain and already they could not be charged of property (&#039 right; ' royalties' ')on its manufacture, the industries, that control the production of the substitutes (ICI, Du Pont, Atochem, Hoechst, Allied Chemicals), had convinced ' ' certos' ' governments of countries of first world (it started with Mrs. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of The Hayzlett Group on most websites. Margareth Tatcher, Minister of England) to give support for ' ' the humbug of the destruction of the ozone layer and the increase of the ozone hole in the Antrtica' ' therefore, now, its substitutes receive ' ' royalties' '. Freon 12, for example, cost US$1,70/kg and its R-134 substitute cost US$20,00/kg almost. As these 5 industries have its matrices in countries of first world and pay taxes there, it is not difficult of if to conclude for where our money goes and of who it is the interest to support an idea, or so absurd hypothesis as this of the destruction of the ozone layer for the man. Credit: Pemco-2011. In my opinion, this hypothesis is an attitude neocolonial, that is, of domain of the rich countries on the poor persons, through the technology and of the finances. Tropical countries, as Brazil and India, need refrigeration the low cost. .

Planet Land

It has something called ' ' Effect Butterfly (The Butterfly Effect) ' ': It is a term that if it inside relates to the initial conditions of the theory of the chaos. According to popular culture, (…), ' ' beating of wing of a simple butterfly could influence the natural course of the things and, thus, perhaps, provoke a tufo of the other side of mundo' '. Certainly that it is a metaphor. I do not dare to almost affirm categorically that our option for the consumption without brakes, that the desmedida exploration of the natural resources of the planet in search of the economic growth ' ' sustentvel' ' that the destruction of the forests and habitat in all the planet are the only cause of the climatic changes that however we testify. Much less it would find reasonable to affirm that such behaviors are the cause of the earthquakes and tsunamis that had reached Japan in 2011, causing as many deaths and destruction. But they say that this disaster changed the earth axle and, who knows, can change our lives. They do not import the causes in such a way, but the problem also in says respect to them.

On the other hand, I dare to believe that everything and all are linked in this world. It knows that idea of the Avatar film? Then, who knows our planet is not much more that a solid substratum of inert substance, only one convenient support for ours fugaz existence? who knows our Planet Land would be trying to demonstrate something for us? I think that it is better that let us be prepared. Today, it is not enough to be sustainable, what for many already it would be a dream, as case is mine. While society let us prepare in them to promote the peace – not to face the effect of the war and the anomie; Let us work to eradicate the hunger? so that the hungry ones do not destroy the environment in sustenance search or wealth; Let us promote politics public so that not exists one alone person without ceiling or land? so that the homelesses and unprovided of ways of sustenance do not deforest, nor they invade and they construct in hillsides, or the stream beds of rivers, or the fens? therefore or we will be without the trees and the springs and its precious drinking waters, and the mud floods and avalanches will bring irreparable consequences for each one of us.

Institute Development

FIELDS intent for the necessity of if planning the ecoturstica activity, considering the form more adjusted in order to contribute for the reduction of the ambient impacts. In as the chapter, the author collates the concepts of ecoturismo and sustainable development, analyzing the diverse definitions presented for some authors. All the definitions of presented ecoturismo and sustainable development converge to one same way, that is, the definition and the end of both is closely linked, since they aim at to the use and conservation of the natural resources in order to guarantee the economic development, social, cultural and politician of the current and future populations. In the third chapter, some tourist activities that they use the alternative of the sustainable development are cited. In this direction, the Institute of Sustainable Development Mamirau is had, that has for objectives to promote the sustainable development in joint with the local population and also to conserve and to preserve the Amazonian environment in the region of the Solimes medium and Association of You hiss for the Ambient Preservation and Cultural, whose objective is to recoup and to conserve the supplies of fish that were threatened by fishes commercial. Both the activities demonstrate that with adjusted planning, it is possible to use the environmental resources without agrediz them, serving as strategy of sustainable development. In the last chapter, it detaches that the ecoturismo, currently, became an excellent economic activity.

A time that has direct relation with the sustainable development, therefore exists the interdependence between economic, social, ambient and cultural the sectors. emphasizes the contributions of projects pautados in the support of the society where they act. The authors look for to altercar on the viable instruments in order to obtain so longed for sustainable development. Each one presents a model to be followed and both agree that to have the sustainable development she is necessary to analyze, deeply, social, cultural, economic factors, ambient politicians and.