Captain Planeta

It is in the way of this humbug that is the great users of the green speech, worried in passing a deturpada image of ambient geopolitics, that is, of the question of the use of the resources, mainly, in a relation of cause-consequncia, and densities of exploration. The responsibilities on the serious ambient impacts are not or they do not have to be distributed of equal form, therefore we have that to understand that the consumption standard, therefore, the ambient impacts, more are concentrated in the supplied classrooms more, of the developed and underdeveloped countries, what in the poor population. If you are not convinced, visit Mitsubishi. The said ambient responsibility is geographically different, therefore the capitalist development is geographically different, that is, the ambient question is an image of the space relations, mainly, capitalist space relations. The capitalism beyond being different in the economic and social point of view, for consequence, becomes different in the point of view of use the power is of vocs! Drawing Captain Planeta – main personage in the superior part and young with being able below special.> For the union of its powers I am Captain Planeta ..