Municipal Managing Plan

Ahead of what it was displayed, it fits to the City to proceed to the ambient licensing of the land divisions, and, for in such a way, it will go to analyze the aspects ambient sanitary and, the Municipal Managing Plan, the urban zoning and the norms of use and occupation of the ground. It is evident that the focus of the legislator is the protection of the environment and its natural resources. Ahead of this, exactly in the impossibility of if dimensionar the limits of the impacts caused for the construction of an enterprise, the presentation of writs of prevention and mitigadoras fits to its entrepreneurs, typically those that finish being incorporated to practical of the engineering or the exigcias of the ptrea legislation, searching, thus, the viability it enterprise that if wants to construct. A sufficiently interesting text that I read in the magazine ' ' The Economist' ' () it turns on alternatives used for the countries of the C40 to reduce the utlizao of natural resources. Although not to be directly on to the subject, I find valid to cite it as reference for construction of more sustainable enterprises. For example, the city of Chicago comes if utlizando of green roofs in its coverings to diminish the amount of demanded energy to cool the building in the summer. Moreover, water is caught of rain, making with that it reduces the use of already saturated sewer nets, and finally, the green roofs help, still, to reduce the heat islands gifts in the urban nuclei. This alternative, as well as the adoption of measures to increase the permeability of the ground (asfaltos clearer and material more absorbent) is the test of that the paradigm comes being broken and the cities are evolving for one greener politics..