Sixth Fair of Neurosis. She was lying in the soil. Friday, eve of Christmas. One day normal. When my mother was child said always me that the Christmas was invented to spend money.

Society of consumption, said it. Per some instants I reflected on these wise words. Therefore, I decided to run away to the consumption. I preferred to be in house, my quiet palace. During some hours I remained without making nothing absolutely. Insensato. ' ' Time is dinheiro' ' , some capitalists of planto would say.

Perhaps they had reason. But what he would make in one sixth? fair? Boate? Suddenly an impetus possessed me, a tresloucada will to make something, to fight, knows there! It leaves! While it walked, I had the care to observe in my redor. I do not know if he was becoming me neurotic, but I read in a billboard the following registration: ' ' The movement (without conscience) is a mere agitation. Action only exists truily, when I have conscience of the half ones to reach one fim' '. I rubbed the eyes and was there. Again the cigarette propaganda retook its place. Bad signal. I continued walking, directed me it the meter. While he was in the line to buy the ticket, a beggar asked for alms to me. I ignored it. I remembered myself of a film: ' ' Without Destino' '. Accurately, was this aminha condition? Of the humanity? It will be that my life is a film? I am waked up? The fact that the similarity with the film is immense, alone lacks the motion to me, therefore at this moment I will travel of train and, in addition, I did not understand if it would like to follow my trip, or was following determination of the film. The door if opened. Soon I sat down in the place indicated to the aged ones, to my side had two people, one high one and lean using a t-shirt of the Chicago Bulls the other, I did not repair.


I raised more than fast for the intuition of that it could be It was unknown call e, when answering, almost without voice, one I silence if it lit I repeated again and same without perceiving I finished saying its name in the hope of that it got reply. But I heard one ' ' I feel lack of voc' ' It disconnect without more nor less. Mining may not feel the same. I did not obtain to contain the tears and hugged to the pillow I put to think that it could be gotten passionate for it. But, we were only friends It started to believe that something had moved. It had in me, to each to pass of time, the desire to be of its side, to before pass, as, hours and hours being heard the racket of the wind to play leves of the tree of side to another one. The anxiety of one third linking sprouted on the inside. It was happy for having heard those words, few, but it was everything, or almost, that I wanted to hear. Its image did not leave my mind.

That one ' ' I feel lack of voc' ' if it repeated for several and you vary times, my smile if it demonstrated at every moment, I really I was happy! Months if had passed and it again had disappeared. It was my first year in the college, what already it was the sufficient for Landmarks, of the same group that I, to ask for to me in namoro. I infuriated and before it perceived already it had said not. It did not obtain to forget Eduardo. I know that we were not boyfriends but it to me felt on and was made use to wait the time that was necessary to review it. Nineteen of June, one day before our anniversary. It made five months since finishes linking.

Lola Woman

Lola is youngest son, it has two brothers and four nephews, or better three nieces and a nephew. Lola is to designer graphical. In Brazil it made the college of designer industrial, is very pretty, chic, has charisma and inteligentssima. She received performed with care education. It’s believed that RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust sees a great future in this idea. When small it learned ballet, patinao, painting, made ceramics lessons and to the ten years its first collective exposition was a success. Was decorated, loved, respected child, always was treated as people, lived surrounded of books. Its mother never neglected of the playful side of the life. Lola was the biggest collector of Barbie dolls and all that equipment that until today is launched in the market; it was house of Barbie, car, bicycle, motor boat, swimming pool, ice cream parlor, bathtub, etc, Had doll house and it lived as doll, well understood pensante! In the adolescence it gave parties and it frequented that it was a beauty.

Everything in its life was great, made college and decided to go United States to study them, to work. There it was hostess, waitress, bar to tend, manager of restaurant and waitress again. He did not like to be manager, ' ' he did not gain gorgetas' '. She was always very well-liked, therefore he was efficient, he said well the English very and he always knew to become to respect. He joined money and he made the course that as much dreamed: of the Arts Institute of Fort Lauderdale, where if it graduated with louvor.

In the end of the course it left there working in its area, successfully. It bought house, two cats, it decorated the house and it bought car. Namora, lives together, is happy. As it knows that it must be excellent in its area of work, it initiated a new course in the Arts Institute, extension of course with duration of three years, with right to the graduation.

Silence Abetter

1 One day, will leave to go up these steps, will be liveing in another house, that is not in the high one, in the mount! Quanta time if promised suddenly optimistical, when going up the narrow staircase, in the high night, with the dawn arriving? But, what it would be of people if we did not dream, it idealized one day better, with other colors? It raises the head and it goes observing the residences in the laterals, of door and window, terracinho to the front, with or another inhabitant, in the rocking chair and I cry hears it of a child; barking of a dog; the shout of somebody xingando: – Goes to chip you Edi! It smiles comprehensive. Expert in this relaxed way them inhabitants it place. He will be that the Marta still is waked up, to the front of the television, waiting it? Well probable. Rio- Tinto Diamonds is a great source of information. Its friend of years and years! Ah, she deserved yes, a better life, well better. She concludes the ascent.

the Favour already it will be in house, in return of the exit with the neighboring friend? – Juarez I do not please me of this colleague of Favour. Advanced, very modern excessively pra my taste! Marta tan in good two But, one day, in one hour I decide everything this. Nor that it is appealing pra my ignorance. Then they silence, delivering the overwhelming reflections to it. The light of the lighted room. Marta still is waked up, as she calculated. Devagar pushes the door. It enters.

the lean, pale face, if return, receiving it. – Already it was worried It smiles, understanding it, as in other times when arriving. – He is, the expedient today was pulled. N sits down the sofa to the side of the other, where she is the woman, who becomes to speak: – The Favour left new with the Tnia Before the silence of the husband, it continues speaking: – I do not please me of this young woman.

Wonderful Stories

Raphaela Magalhes Portella ENRIQUES (UNESP) raphaela-henriques@ SUMMARY Between the voices that surround literature contemporary, meets it of Colasanti Marina. The writer, who oscillates its production between stories of fairies, fast stories poetries, weaves its writing of singular form in the panorama of current literature and comes close itself detaching for larding texts that they reflect on questions that involve the relation between husband and woman, father and son, reality and dream, limitation and utopia. The work in question aims at to a reflection on two stories? ' ' The Tecel&#039 Young woman; ' ' ' Between the Sword and the Rosa' ' of form that can understand the construction of the problematic one estimated by the conflict authoritarianism x submission in repletos texts of effect in each figure. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Colasanti marina; feminine figure; stories. Rio- Tinto Diamonds usually is spot on. INTRODUCTION This monograph has as objective to analyze two stories of Colasanti Marina, in order to know the thematic one, the structure and the resources used for the author. The esmiuado subject will be the possibility of construction and desconstruo of the feminine identity in stories of Colasanti Marina. All the stories that will be explanados disclose women who have its destroyed essence and its rejected moral values.

They are alegricos, loaded of symbols that represent abstract ideas. In 1 chapter, we will say of called literature ' ' Maravilhoso' ' , therefore Marina uses this resource in the construction of some of its narratives. This literature is the interference of deuses or supernatural beings in the poetry or in chat. It is the world of ' ' It makes of conta' ' , ' ' Irreal' ' , or ' ' Vez&#039 was one; '. In 2 chapter, we will analyze the story ' ' The young woman tecel' ' , that she is permeado by the wonderful sort. In this story, they work as subjects central offices: The shock between CIVILIZATION X NATURE.

Brazil Merchandise

MANUEL AND the CONTRABAND One day cambada of pinguo invited Manuel to go to make purchases in Paraguay and had spoken to it of the advantages of the prices of there. They were almost of favour in relation to the Brazilian products. It accepted in the hour. He congregated a great money haul and left. The bus walked two days, almost without stopping and had arrived Peter Juam. The Manuel city did not like very, however the movement yes. It had pretty women for all the sides. It was magic.

He will be that also mulherada was not the sales? It would go to use to advantage the occasion and to buy ones three soon. Not, they were not the sales. Manuel walked pra and pra there here, the entire day. It took much drink imported. The whiskey was baratssimo, bought three boxes soon. It bought a computer, television set, lanterns, filmadoras, whiskey, radios, clocks.

It made an enormous purchase exactly, the colleagues informing that it could be barred in the road. Barred nothing, Manuel thought. Until the driver it was buying. After the purchases, it started to drink more, each time, more crazy to bring one Paraguayan of those. A Paraguayan jumped outside in the hour. To be vendida as merchandise? How nonsense! Finished the festana, the driver congregated the povo said that it was hour to come even so. All in the car if had ordered for Brazil. In the start everything transcorreu normally, until it arrived at the police rank. The bus was stopped in the rank to be revistado. The povo went down with the purchase. Manuel only went down with a bag, the remain was in the door-luggage. The policy entered in the bus and revistou everything. It did not find nothing of abnormal person. Revistou all the passengers and everything was certain. It was to revistar the trunk and it gave of face with the merchandise of Manuel. The policemen had come as fera and had asked: of who it is that merchandise in the door-luggage? Manuel went to answer, but the friends cutucaram the young man saying: if you to speak, you and the merchandise will be imprisoned here. Optimum, he is to be quiet and to dissimulate that he does not know you are welcome. thus made Manuel. The policemen had asked of new of who age that pacoto of merchandise in the door-luggage of the bus. He made the question some times and as nobody it answered, the policemen had said: as the merchandise walks alone and it does not have owner, we go to be with it. They can unload. Manuel went to react, but the friends had hindered it. The povo had gone down all the merchandise of the Manuel.Mandaram to embark and to follow trip. Manuel entered in the bus muttering. It spent one will dinheiro with that purchase and to lose everything now. It would go to presentear friends and now it would go to arrive without nothing. The friends then had asked: he was with penalty of the computer or the television set, Manuel? – That television set and computer nothing. I was feeling was for mine two boxes of whiskey. A whiskey of first quality, legitimate Scot and so cheap, finished exactly being very expensive. A thing I learned now, I do not come back never more to Paraguay.