Brazil Merchandise

MANUEL AND the CONTRABAND One day cambada of pinguo invited Manuel to go to make purchases in Paraguay and had spoken to it of the advantages of the prices of there. They were almost of favour in relation to the Brazilian products. It accepted in the hour. He congregated a great money haul and left. The bus walked two days, almost without stopping and had arrived Peter Juam. The Manuel city did not like very, however the movement yes. It had pretty women for all the sides. It was magic.

He will be that also mulherada was not the sales? It would go to use to advantage the occasion and to buy ones three soon. Not, they were not the sales. Manuel walked pra and pra there here, the entire day. It took much drink imported. The whiskey was baratssimo, bought three boxes soon. It bought a computer, television set, lanterns, filmadoras, whiskey, radios, clocks.

It made an enormous purchase exactly, the colleagues informing that it could be barred in the road. Barred nothing, Manuel thought. Until the driver it was buying. After the purchases, it started to drink more, each time, more crazy to bring one Paraguayan of those. A Paraguayan jumped outside in the hour. To be vendida as merchandise? How nonsense! Finished the festana, the driver congregated the povo said that it was hour to come even so. All in the car if had ordered for Brazil. In the start everything transcorreu normally, until it arrived at the police rank. The bus was stopped in the rank to be revistado. The povo went down with the purchase. Manuel only went down with a bag, the remain was in the door-luggage. The policy entered in the bus and revistou everything. It did not find nothing of abnormal person. Revistou all the passengers and everything was certain. It was to revistar the trunk and it gave of face with the merchandise of Manuel. The policemen had come as fera and had asked: of who it is that merchandise in the door-luggage? Manuel went to answer, but the friends cutucaram the young man saying: if you to speak, you and the merchandise will be imprisoned here. Optimum, he is to be quiet and to dissimulate that he does not know you are welcome. thus made Manuel. The policemen had asked of new of who age that pacoto of merchandise in the door-luggage of the bus. He made the question some times and as nobody it answered, the policemen had said: as the merchandise walks alone and it does not have owner, we go to be with it. They can unload. Manuel went to react, but the friends had hindered it. The povo had gone down all the merchandise of the Manuel.Mandaram to embark and to follow trip. Manuel entered in the bus muttering. It spent one will dinheiro with that purchase and to lose everything now. It would go to presentear friends and now it would go to arrive without nothing. The friends then had asked: he was with penalty of the computer or the television set, Manuel? – That television set and computer nothing. I was feeling was for mine two boxes of whiskey. A whiskey of first quality, legitimate Scot and so cheap, finished exactly being very expensive. A thing I learned now, I do not come back never more to Paraguay.