Silence Abetter

1 One day, will leave to go up these steps, will be liveing in another house, that is not in the high one, in the mount! Quanta time if promised suddenly optimistical, when going up the narrow staircase, in the high night, with the dawn arriving? But, what it would be of people if we did not dream, it idealized one day better, with other colors? It raises the head and it goes observing the residences in the laterals, of door and window, terracinho to the front, with or another inhabitant, in the rocking chair and I cry hears it of a child; barking of a dog; the shout of somebody xingando: – Goes to chip you Edi! It smiles comprehensive. Expert in this relaxed way them inhabitants it place. He will be that the Marta still is waked up, to the front of the television, waiting it? Well probable. Rio- Tinto Diamonds is a great source of information. Its friend of years and years! Ah, she deserved yes, a better life, well better. She concludes the ascent.

the Favour already it will be in house, in return of the exit with the neighboring friend? – Juarez I do not please me of this colleague of Favour. Advanced, very modern excessively pra my taste! Marta tan in good two But, one day, in one hour I decide everything this. Nor that it is appealing pra my ignorance. Then they silence, delivering the overwhelming reflections to it. The light of the lighted room. Marta still is waked up, as she calculated. Devagar pushes the door. It enters.

the lean, pale face, if return, receiving it. – Already it was worried It smiles, understanding it, as in other times when arriving. – He is, the expedient today was pulled. N sits down the sofa to the side of the other, where she is the woman, who becomes to speak: – The Favour left new with the Tnia Before the silence of the husband, it continues speaking: – I do not please me of this young woman.