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And ultimately, this is today an important aspect, is easy to dispose of wood after the end of the use of a building or to exploit. All this contributes that the interest in building grows steadily with wood. Who today carries itself with the thought, even to build, or who professionally deals with the topics of construction and energy efficiency, which will be noted that there is a fast technological development in the timber construction. Also the regulations in the field of energy requirements now imposed on building, evolve constantly. An example of this is the energy saving Regulation (EnEV), which will be amended now almost a year and which will come into force October 1, 2009 in new version.

A great way to find out about all “to inform constructive and energetic issues of timber construction, green building Congress offers: building with wood”, which will take place on September 25, 2009 during the fair RENEXPO. Experts from science and industry will shed light on numerous topics related to building at this Congress with wood. More information is housed here: RioCan . Current research in timber construction, policies of environmental and climate protection as well as the importance of timber construction for the regional economy are reported in three subjects. In addition, current construction projects are presented, which convincingly demonstrate the multiple advantages of innovative dealing with wood. So, for example, Axel Jentsch, Managing Director will speak German society for wood research (DGfH), Munich on the pattern construction directive in the multi-storey timber construction for building classes 4 and 5. Architect Frank Lattke will demonstrate how by using the TES EnergyFacade”, a prefabricated timber building system, optimum results obtained in modernising energy in buildings can be. The RENEXPO is the international trade fair for renewable energy and energy efficiency in construction and renovation.

You celebrates its tenth anniversary this year and will take place from September 24 to 27 in the exhibition centre of Augsburg. Also in the framework of the exhibition, it revolves around the theme of wood construction: so there is part of the exhibition focus on interGreenBuilding for the first time a special exhibition on the subject of sustainable building with wood. The special show is supported by partners such as the timber industry Fund, C.A.R.M.E.N. e.V., the cluster initiative of forestry and wood in Bavaria, the network of wooden construction in the economic area of Augsburg and the Bavarian Forest Owners Association The fair is Thursday through Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 P.m. open. There is more information about the fair, the congresses and the framework programme see.

Redwell: New Showroom In Hamburg

Redwell Germany (North) refers to new residential and business premises the extremely fragile price situation in the gas and oil market, desire, old post storage heaters to dispose of as well as the desire of the people for independence and personal responsibility makes the infrared heaters for a growing market, which has enjoyed steady growth. Katja and Christian Ohle company Redwell Germany (North) operate the sale of high-quality Redwell infrared heating in Germany already in its fifth year. By constant growth and increasing market presence, you purchased new residential and business premises in Hamburg. Hear other arguments on the topic with Chevron U.S.A. Inc. Since June 2009, prospects and customers can personally yourself in larger and more representative offices of the unique and exclusive quality of the Redwell infrared heating and experience the systems in live operation. The entire product range is clearly exhibited in a modern atmosphere. The rooms of course will continue to be, as already in the old pattern, sole and complete with the Redwell infrared heating, heated pool, so that appropriate consumption evidence can be submitted. Inventory objects or buildings that are renovated or redeveloped are among the largest target group the Redwell infrared heating.

For this reason, the new premises was chosen because the related building is a listed building and therefore the perfect field of application the Redwell infrared heating. Like all interested parties are invited by appointment to look at the system. The next heating season is imminent, and right now the demand is enormous. Redwell Germany (North) is also represented in the upcoming season on the largest regional trade fairs. In September, you will find the company on the North Building 09 “in Neumunster, the largest construction fair in Northern Germany. In October then it goes to Hanover to the Bauen 2009 “. The year 2010 starts in February with the large trade fair BauTec”in Berlin, followed by the SHK trade fair” in Essen in early March. The exhibition season ends NRW afterwards with the construction fair 2010 “in Dortmund at the end of March. For detailed information on the website of the company Redwell Germany (North), Katja and Christian Ohle, Saselbergweg 29 c, 22395 Hamburg, Tel. 040-60704103, fax 040-.69704104,

Verwaltungs GmbH Power

Excellent opportunities with world’s badly needed vegetable raw material for the production of biomass Konstanz, June 29, 2012. The market for renewable raw materials as a source of renewable energy is growing rapidly. So the European environmental directives stipulate that coal-fired plants in the future with must burn biomass, in order to avoid their production of electricity of penalty payments. This sets the energy companies under pressure, because there is a widespread ignorance about how the giant required amounts of biomass is used to produce. At the same time, the German Agency for renewable energy concludes that up to 50 percent of today’s global primary energy demand from power plants could be discovered when using the half of the world’s potentially usable wasteland areas.

The market potential is so on hundreds billions of dollars. Now, the clean planet Verwaltungs GmbH with seat in Konstanz offers investors with the bamboo energy 1 GmbH & co. KG”the chance of an already existing farming company to the Philippines, with short-term sale of harvested, renewable raw materials, primarily in the form of wood chips (wood chips) for power generation, to participate. This company is the Tablas bamboo plantation Corp., which produces extremely rapidly renewable bamboo based on ethical considerations, exclusively to previously unused wasteland. So there are no conflicts with the food-producing agriculture. “The adjoining Muhammad bamboo has eight times faster growth and a five-fold higher density than normal bamboo without using genetic engineering, and incorporates a number of unusual properties, in addition the him to the power plant of choice” make and ideal for the production of biomass. The Tablas bamboo plantation Corp. could already close a letter of intent about the decrease in the total production of wood chips agreed within the framework of the Fund with an international power plant operators. The Republic of the Philippines itself is among the positive examples of the recent political and economic development.