Environment Fund

First effective plastics recycling in Germany possible criticism of the intemperate use of plastics and plastic is actually add anything. We are the generation of plastic, with all its problems. Therefore this initiative, which is to remind that it so must go on with the ever increasing consumption of plastic supports of the eco-energy of environmental fund. Even if in certain fields of application plastic necessary, useful and no longer is indispensable, including in medical technology. It doesn’t however, turning a blind eye to the reality. Even if it is possible to reduce the current consumption of plastics and plastics, we must be in the coming years with a mountain of waste.

In Germany 300 to 500 kg apply per person annually waste. 7 percent to 15 percent are from this plastic waste. Total annually about 18 million tons of new plastics are produced in Germany, of which 4.5 million tons p.a. in recycling recycling”often in the Waste incineration appears. This can go on like this in many ways. Plastic can be to not break down or decompose and can therefore no longer be disposed in landfills according to the current regulations.

Here, environmental fund is the eco-energy and financed a procedure with the old plastic so-called Gasoil, similar can be produced heating oil according to DIN 51603-1. This repatriation in a raw material, namely oil, saving resources is useful and the only environmentally friendly disposal possible. A commercial facility is in the Switzerland in operation since 2005. The efficiency of at least 80 percent. While this is not the solution to the problem”it’s plastic, but a way of using the 3 to 5 percent of the current crude oil import could be replaced after Germany. Aside from the mountains of rubbish, which is in Germany’s municipalities layer. Many cities and towns are therefore interested in the environmental fund project. The eco-energy of Environment Fund 1 is a private initiative. The first Already out negotiated plant – a recycling plant in Mannheim. It will be the patented process technology used, developed a plant manufacturer from Swabia as technology supplier. He was also the technology for the pilot plant in the Switzerland. Who would like to support the project and make an investment in an economically and ecologically meaningful investment, learns more about this under.