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Anyone who has ever chosen in the remotest corners of his native land, which would have a rest, will certainly appreciate the fact that this is hardly comparable with the usual holiday cottage or visiting friends. I propose to talk about boating. Just imagine yourself that you can not ‘go far, far away’ in a car, but far, far away on the new sail boat, sail to where you have exactly no one no ‘would get’ (at least once)))) Forget about tight shoes, say goodbye by hindering your movement clothing. Easy turn of the key releases the force, some penyaschee feeling runs through your body making the heart beat more often ….. and here comes a moment when you – a rebel, breaking off a chain of daily life. A breath of fresh river of air, the spray from the cutting surface of the water boat, a sense of real freedom – that freedom from the problems of urban life. Water is a miracle of nature, an unpredictable element, which beckons with irresistible force. A just imagine what can come fishing! They say that in life you can ever look at a few things: fire, water, and working people.

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ANIMAL PLANET. Toys world famous TV channel Animal Planet, transfer of which are broadcast in many languages, appeared in late 1996. Its primary mission – to bring to everyone the need to preserve nature and animals species, such as widespread as in the Red Book. Thanks to these efforts and there were amazing toy brand Animal Planet, won the beauty world. Together with Jay Toys channel has launched a series of interactive soft toys. Representatives of the entire animal world – from a mouse to a lion, performed with extraordinary similarity. Whole furry zoo! These interactive plush toys have become nazamenimymi aides for children study of the world. They are just fascinating, exciting and diverse as all the cycles of transmission channel Animal Planet! They are made from high quality, soft-touch material, so play with zveryatami will a pleasure! It is hardly possible to find somewhere similar range of soft toys animals …

The motto of the channel – "Our planet inhabited by more than 2 million living species, and you – one of them. Meet the rest of C programs in the channel Animal Planet . To paraphrase the motto, it's safe to say that familiarity with all these animals and the whole of nature in general and perhaps because of the toys Animal Planet – they are so varied and perfect. The collection of Animal Planet can together a zoo – from a small inconspicuous little mouse to the huge lion or a rhino! Assists Animal Planet broadcast around the world, they focus on a variety of audiences. And just like the transmission and soft toys that brand does not sidestep any animal, no insect, no feathered! The group of authors Toy Toy Ukraine