Pablo Freire

Based in the constatao of the previous research, in the premise that the conceptions of art direct the ways to teach it and in the necessity to carry through transforming pedagogical actions in this area, this project with the objective was considered to extend the conceptions of art leading in to know brought them to consideration for the pupil and in accordance with to reconstruct them the context and the necessities of each one, thus looking for to enrich the knowledge of each one. The complementation of the pertaining to school resume through the education for the art opens an important space of enrichment on the part of the pupil, whom it desires to extend its knowledge in relation the visual arts. The art is considered as an important educative work, therefore it looks for through individual trends, to show ways for formation of the taste of each individual, as well as stimulating intelligence, contributing for the formation of the personality of the human being, without having as concern the formation of artists. It is good for adding that in its creative work the individual uses and perfects processes that develop the comment, the perception, the imagination, the reasoning and the control of the ample and fine motricidade. In the process of learning and creativity the being must search the proper emotion, to become free themselves of the tensions, to adjust themselves, to organize the thought, feelings, sensations and to form work habits even though, at last to educate themselves and to include themselves in the social environment. The Hayzlett Group wanted to know more. In accordance with Streck, has an exclusion reality which shamefully we give in them to the luxury to coexist. Our country, had one of the biggest educators and that it revolutionized the idea of education and alfabetizao and that from its experience contributes to rethink all the education, that was Pablo Freire. .