Nothing happens 3 tricks to avoid the biggest traps if models are not lived, at best. If models were just developed and then recognizable everything so as before, management is at worst a secret joke the staff. “The implicit signal of change projects, are not used in the Act is: much hot air, our management is not serious about it and can not prevail”. Guiding principles has been developed, involving the staff and great expectations of change and then nothing changes, employees and managers register this very closely. More serious fall future processes of change, because the employee must not assume that the next change initiative will have major consequences for them than the last. Companies and non profit organizations are full of projects that are dead and not really completed.

That makes the future change projects more feasible”, as organisational consultant Florian Grolman. Models can however be quite relevant with a few clever tricks and effect within the company. Initio organization Consulting has developed a modular system with three levers to the implementation of business models: model lever 1: breaking down the guiding departmental mission statement lever 2: review model lever 3: visible beginning with the staff recognize these levers the staff recognize the relevance for their departments: what mean the guidelines for our daily work? What must we tackle, so that we can meet the demands formulated? How important is the mission statement of the Executive Board, the importance attaches it to him? Are the guidelines as binding? When you create as well as the introduction of models the initio organizational Consulting provides expert help. The initio organizational consulting is a trademark of the consulting Association house of competence. House of competence is among others specialized in the development and introduction of Visions. Systemic approach the company organizational development processes as well as growth and change processes support in the profit and non profit sectors. With locations in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich offers the team of consultants, including strategy workshops and workshop facilitation.