The Self

They use the death in all the social scopes (medicine, pharmacology, disease, wars, nations, power, etc) because they know that it is the unique nut that the human being still it has not approved absolutely. In summary, for them, the death is most profitable since it is the unique not solved deep fear in the unconscious group. For that reason we are as we are. They have used the death like shield, like defense, as it attacks, like philosophy, as it excuses, like justification, like EVERYTHING what you want. They use the death to manipulate your soul and your MIND. They are the unique ones who really are obsessed by this since they know and they know perfectly that she does not matter they use how much it, the LIGHT INCREASES and more expands more and, how much greater is the demand of life. And the demand of life is moderate with the self-imposed loss of life, that is to say, by each human body left by the soul there are 300 ready souls to give to his light and its love through more life.

It is a mathematical law. Because you think that we are more than 7000 million Earth human beings. And that without telling all that visit to us and those that already live inside and outside this planet. The life is incommensurable. It is an endless source of light and love.

And for that reason they become attached a the death because they need to see and to live the miracle on the unification the polarity. They play its role and they cause that we, all, play our role. Our divine paper. They are amused thinking how much they scare to the human beings with that of the death. They go pipe, because THEY FEAR that we discover that is a game triviality that we can be broken when we want, but when we want, only osseous, when we wake up of the great lethargy.

Encyclopedia Wikipedia

Only that in this case the great men tried to be overcome the wealth an a others, and major was granted prestige and power to the individual that managed to accumulate and to maintain the greater fortune. During the first years of Capitalism, greater prestige to those was conferred than they were richer but they lived more frugal. More ahead, when their fortunes became safer, the capitalist high class resorted to the conspicuous consumption and wastefulness in great scale to impress its rivals. It is indicated to us in addition, that the word consumption comes from the Latin consum? re that means to spend or to destroy and of the word ismo of the Latin – ismus and this of the Greek -? (- ismos), suffix that formed nouns of action from verbs and that an innovating tendency describes at the moment, especially in the thought and the art. It is possible to emphasize as it mentions the Encyclopedia Wikipedia, that stops much people, the use of this word has a political load necessarily, since, almost always, the one who use the words consumption and excessive consumption makes to criticize what unnecessary consumption in other people considers. A different way to interpret the word " consumismo" it is to consider it like the organization of the economy of a society that, although as is now, it works as much to satisfaction of consumers as of producers, is possible to be said that as a whole it wastes certain resources. An example non-trivial could be the use of the packages and the plastic bags, that contaminate the rivers and reserves of fresh water and soil the suburban cities and regions. The modern method is more comfortable and hygienic for the consumers and increases the income of the retailers, but from the point of view of the operation of the economy as a whole also it wastes a series of resources that before took advantage better.