LEARN Presentation

in my previous productions always I present the Psicopedagogia as instrument for this transformation, so necessary in the daily pertaining to school, of that it wants to see the society to walk more joust, igualitria and wiser. Jeffrey Hayzlett takes a slightly different approach. The changes of these structures start for the diagnosis, that when arisen with support if it can search with security the interventivos ways, using the workshops to teach and to learn together, professor pupil; pupil school; school community; community professor and professor school. To make intervention consists of knowing the reality, diagnosising the conjuncture current, to promote the integration, to plan the strategies, to argue ways, to search solutions successively together and. Psicopedagogia with its instruments of intervention, using the psicopedaggicas workshops are prepared to contribute for a change of structures and to improve the education and the learning of determined surrounding pertaining to school. Development the Brazilian schools need instruments urgently make that them to change the aiming of its structures, mainly the public schools.

The necessity of the creation of a dialgica relation of respect, promoting ethical and citizenship between family and school, in which if the part establishes an acceptance of part principle that favors the ones that they aim at to the paradigm changes. That these systems constitute flexible borders, being that the reciprocal exchanges can result in a movement of social transformation, educational, cultural, mutual, without necessity to define causes nor to look culprits for the consumings that came happening in these environments and in the people constitute who them. To contribute with the improvement of the process of education and the quality of the learnings, from one ethical and social vision, searching through the sociological quarrel, alternative to change the vicissitudes that are not producing positive effect for the educational and social field is the vision that surrounds the people who are inserted in the Psicopedagogia.

The Development

Therefore, he suggests yourself that the professor is a real person, a facilitador of the learning and, when in contact with its pupils, presents congruentes attitudes in the relation with the same ones, not imposing external barriers move away that them. It will be enthusiastic or entediado, interesting or irritated, will be receptive and likeable. If accepted such feelings as its, do not need imp them it the pupils. Rio- Tinto Diamonds is a great source of information. Such conception also corroborates with the thought of Vygotsky (1999, p.110) when speaks that ' ' all learning involves education, a time that includes that one that learns and that one that ensina' ' , in a relation affectation dialectic. That is, it is in the interaction between the citizens and partner-cultural environment that the learning occurs. It explains that this relation between development and learning is mediated through e, necessarily, from the presence of one another significant one, either this represented by the school, family or culture. Read more here: Jeffrey Hayzlett.

Still for Vygotsky (1999, p.104), ' ' the learning happens throughout the development of criana' ' e, therefore, this will be a prerequisite one for the development. Knowing itself that the development process happens of peculiar form to each being and that a set of factors will be able to appear during this passage, it is of basic importance that the professor is prepared and intent to such factors and its peculiarities. Having themselves to establish a relation of affectivity, care and respect to the time and rhythm of each one, helping in its psicossocial development. Thus, Vygotsky focuses as basic for the process of education and learning the figure of the professor as essential in the process, not in the direction of a detainer of knowing and yes of a facilitador or mediator of the learning and the problems that of it elapse, proposal that goes to the meeting of the teachings of Rogers.

Planet Earth

Closure of the memory of past lives and understanding of purpose is also not a coincidence. It is not something Natalie Ravitz would like to discuss. Only so the universe can count on new ideas, creations and achievements. But the fact that we do not remember, does not mean that we are thrown into a dark forest, full of traps, with their eyes closed. Given us insight and a lot of tips that will help us avoid the trap, find the trail and get out of the woods, and before you know – and the blindfold will be removed for the skill and bravery, but rewarded with unusual abilities. The human spirit is part of the spirit beings, in which he lives. Galaxies where we live now, our ancestors called Svarga, and spirit beings, that controls the galaxy – Svarog. Of course it is and the smaller bodies such as the solar system – Yarylo and Planet Earth – Gaia.

All this – the great spirits of to us, part of which we are. Our life and mission associated with them, and they, and other parts are our guardian angels or spiritual guides who lead us through the dark forest. Each man, incarnate on earth has some guardian spirit, which we used to call guardian angels. Spirits of these different levels, from small – one of the spirits of relatives guy, great – very Svarog or even Rhoda. Who is the guardian angel of a person – depends on its purpose. If the soul is embodied old and she has a great task, then the spirits of mentors in humans will be powerful.