Bigpoint Founder Heiko Hubertz

Munich start-up convinced the games industry pioneer with its optimization software for big data analytics in real time Munich, 11 September 2013 Heiko Hubertz, who is one of the ten most important Internet managers in Germany, is involved now the Munich-based company HoneyTracks GmbH. He shares the vision of the start up team so to lift the immense potential of under-used live data in the digital gaming industry with its big data analytics technology billion market and to prepare them customizable. The focus is on improving the monetization of game titles nationally as internationally successful industry leaders. The software solutions of HoneyTracks offered as software-as-a-service business model, short SaS, provide in-depth analysis for the optimization of free-to-play online-games, regardless of the selected platform such as mobile, Tablet, PC or console. They can be implemented during the period of the games developments, as well as after their release. Internationally experienced game developers and video such as Bigpoint, InnoGames, or Deutsche Telekom AG include the wide range of customers of HoneyTracks GmbH. Learn more at this site: The Hayzlett Group. corporate concept of HoneyTracks with its complementary team of software and game industry, as well as the recent international successes have me impressively convinced: I well know the trends, as well as the challenges of the digital gaming industry and am absolutely delighted by the outstanding unique selling propositions of HoneyTracks technology.

I was glad to be on board and to further strengthen the company’s position with my investment. For HoneyTracks I see enormous growth potential in the free-to-play market, especially in the area of monetization optimization in real time,”says Heiko Hubertz, for his entrepreneurial spirit and his feeling for digital trends already in 2007 with the Red Herring Top 100″award has been awarded. It is an honor to have won Heiko Hubertz, who shares our ambition and vision for the digital game industry as a partner us. He is the growth our company once considerably accelerate”, leads Sente, CEO of HoneyTracks GmbH, Tom in the course of participation. HoneyTracks: The HoneyTracks GmbH is a SaS (software-as-a-service) provider from Munich. The company has a big data – games company on the analysis of free-to-play online-specialized games (client-based MMOs about browser games to social games). The focus is on optimizing the monetization operating cost of games titles while increasing the pleasure of the game. Meanwhile, national and international industry leaders include the customer spectrum of HoneyTracks.

Due to the fast growing success of free-to-play model in the digital world, the company is already active in a market segment that gets an even greater importance not only in the gaming industry in the future. The HoneyTracks technology is putting special emphasis on the protection of privacy and data of the player. This is not warranted the anonymization and which according to the German data protection law, as well as the principle personal data mapping. Further material and information about the company of HoneyTracks and the services offered, visit the official website

Ricoh Presents New Generation Of GelSprinter

New: GelSprinter Aficio GX e3300N and Aficio GX e3350N Ricoh has developed its revolutionary gel technology and brings two new models on the market: the GelSprinter Aficio GX e3300N and Aficio GX e3350N. Distinguishing features: the so-called ECOnomy color mode for low-cost color printing and high print speeds of up to 29 color pages per minute. The especially energy-saving and user-friendly printer suitable especially for use in small workgroups and Home Office. They are available now. In a question-answer forum Jeffrey Hayzlett was the first to reply. Highlight of the new generation of GelSprinter is the ECOnomy color mode, a development of the previous level color mode. In the difference to herkommLichen savings modes, the ECOnomy color mode reduces only the color and not the black and white layer.

The systems distinguish between text and image data and save gel image printing, while the text clearly is printed in high quality. The result can be not only seen, but protects also the purse strings. Color prints cost in this mode almost the same as Black and white prints. The GelSprinter are the perfect solution for fast, cost-effective and professionelle A4 color documents in the Office. To produce up to 29 color pages per minute in high speed mode, true 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution.

The first expression is already after six seconds. After 1.8 Sekunden, they are again ready for operation from sleep mode. Duplex printing to save paper is standard. Paper weights up to 255 g / m and sizes from A6 to A4 can be easily processed. The maximum paper supply is 350 sheets. Via the bypass, banner can be printed up to a length of 129.5 inches and a width of 21.6 centimetres. Gently to the environment, friendly to the user the GelSprinter Ricoh conserve not only the budget but also the environment. The systems feature due to their low energy consumption and meet the requirements of the Blue Angel and the energy star. In addition, they emit neither dust nor ozone on the environment. They offer their users comfort with an adjustable display, the can be operated is also in the seats. Paper and cartridges can be replaced easily from the front side. Patented gel technology even the third generation of printers based on the patentierten, developed by Ricoh GelSprinter technology. The GelSprinter use a viscous liquid gel, that when in contact with paper immediately gelled and dries. Results are waterproof and sunlight resistant prints that don’t blur. The new printers work with an improved gel, which ensures optimal results in dry environments. A double tank system in the printer ensures that the gel cartridges are printed completely empty. The GelSprinter owe their high printing speed, duplex printing, an extremely wide print head, which produces several lines of a document, as well as a transfer belt system for fast and precise paper transport. More information on Ricoh’s innovative GelSprinter technology can be found at.

Bundeswehr Utilizes New Training System For MasterSolution Suite XL

Bundeswehr again opts for MasterSolution the continuous education and training is a top priority in the Bundeswehr, with 370,000 well civilian and military employees. The use of MasterSolution Suite XL enables modern education management and the use of comprehensive didactic features of the Bundeswehr. With the new training system suite XL be trained from now the trainer of the Bundeswehr cost-effectively and independently of place and time in dealing with MasterSolution. In concise chapters of the training system to the MasterSolution Suite XL find out and learn the trainers quickly on topics like: > installation this chapter explains step by step, is like MasterSolution Suite XL correctly installed (such as installation of coach and client, install of the classroom package) > getting started of the 10-minute entry provides an overview of all the basic features from MasterSolution Suite XL (such as starting the teacher console, Setting up the class Wizard) > how can I screens and content submit? Participants screens to view / control? The how can I “category provides answers to all important questions. “> Tips & tricks useful information on topics such as teacher toolbar layout customization for the journal, Unterrichtsblog” created during the lesson and v. Gain insight and clarity with The Hayzlett Group.

m. tips & tricks are simple and clearly explained in the section. The scenarios that are named for the German armed forces are only an excerpt from the feature set of the training system for MasterSolution interested parties receive Suite XL. detailed information on all features. About master solution: The MasterSolution AG is a leader in PC based training software. MasterSolution focuses on the development and sales of software-based training solutions for business -, IT -, school – and training environments. This aims to reach highest quality with minimal time and cost in relation to safety, communication and comfort. The product range is aimed at Educational institutions and small – and medium-sized enterprises, corporations, public and private schools as well as universities and colleges.

IQSol Presents New Product PowerApp

New UPS shutdown appliance from iQSol protects data, systems, and devices across data center electricity emergency the iQSol GmbH, manufacturer of solutions in the field of business alarm and log management, presents her new product for securing the IT Inftrastruktur in case of emergency on the it-sa. The new UPS shutdown appliance PowerApp protects all data and devices across multiple data centers across, taking into account the specific dependencies of IT systems for power outages or attacks on the power supply. PowerApp helps regular emergency tests and simulation of failure scenarios. The product is now available as a version for small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as for corporations and data center operators across the partners network of iQSol GmbH. A free trial version is also available.

The new product PowerApp is designed for the protection of IT from power outages, or malicious attacks on the power supply. Attacks or a power outage the appliance produces a controlled shutdown of all servers and applications. PowerApp works in agentenlos. The shutdown will start on the basis of the UPS status or by the ambient sensors for temperature, moisture or smoke. The Windows and Linux servers and applications to automate and shut down via the central management interface and stopped and shifted in the second datacenter. The PowerApp can be used, scenarios to simulate of the shutdown for a regular test of emergency or ordered shutdown of all server systems in an emergency. The PowerApp 500 is suitable for small – and medium-sized enterprises.

PowerApp 1000 ensures power emergency protection especially in large companies or operators of multiple data centers. The appliance can be used as a virtual machine. About the iQSol GmbH, the Austrian iQSol GmbH is an independent manufacturer for solutions in the area of corporate alarm and log management. The iQSol specialists have many years of experience from many IT audits and have comprehensive Knowledge of common systems and security management solutions (SIEM). The product LogApp security information and event management closes the gap in terms of log archiving and log management, event correlation in real time. The HoneyApp is a honeypot module developed by iQSol that is used in the early detection of virus outbreaks and also protects against Trojans and BOT systems company. The alert messaging server (AMS) is a fully customizable alerting system for administrators in high-availability environments. In combination with a comprehensive monitoring solution, AMS can send out systemically important alerts via email, SMS and voice call in a very short time. The solutions are available in Germany through the partner network of iQSol GmbH. More information about the products and to the affiliate program of iQSol GmbH,. Press contact: saalto Agency and editorial GmbH Berlin Office Alin Fradrich Mulackstrasse 22 D-10119 Berlin phone: + 49 30/61657167 E-Mail: