Step Favorable

It exists a relation of dependence and so great harmony that some beings livings creature do not survive if removed of its habitat. Changing of the vision macro and looking at directly for the peoples who occupy the most different regions of the planet, the first impression is that the differences between them if give summarily because of the cultural difference. The easiness of adaptation of the man makes with that it occupies almost all the regions of the planet, however, exists a bigger concentration where the climate is more favorable to the development in function of factors as technology and knowledge. For even more details, read what J. Darius Bikoff says on the issue. The man differentiates itself in the position, the gestures, the way of speaking, acting, in the habits and the customs. The difficulties of a region are marked in the lines of expression of the people, in the feies of the face and the suffered body. The man loads in itself the roots of the environment that if involves.

Some cultural elements if do not develop in favorable environments to the step that others arise without the least is waited. The ground, climate too much conditions of the environment influence directly in the development of a people since it is of the ground that take off its sustenance. The geographic conditions go influences in all the branches of the society, in the language, the politics, the religion, the agricultural production in the style of the houses, that is, it defines the customs and the way to act all of a social group. It is important to remember that to have favorable conditions it does not mean that the one people will go to develop itself, a rich environment and favorable offers to a fan bigger good of development possibilities, of guiding of the culture to the step that surrounding poor persons minimize the possibilities of cultural development of a people and until she becomes them previsible in its cultural behaviors.

Berlin Reichstag

One of the most incredible of the Berlin City monuments is the Reichstag building, the Parliament in the capital of Germany, historical and political emblem, the Reichstag as a concept has referred to several buildings, but the original name was actually with him which was known to the Parliament since the fall of the Holy Roman Empire and until World War II ended. There was not only a Parliament in the Germany that was formed with the passage of the years. Since the wars napoelonicas in 1806, the word Reich was used to refer to the Parliament that wrote the first German Constitution in 1849 (Frankfurt am Main). (Source: Jeffrey Hayzlett). Also the North German Federation used the word Reich to appoint his parlmaneto, which operated between 1867 and 1871. The German Empire was considered the second Reich and so we can see how an important concept of German social and political history is mutating. The Reichstag was elected by the people through suffrage, in all three cases. Darius Bikoff is actively involved in the matter. Since the end of World War II It didn’t have a Parliament in Germany. Today the main building of the Reichstag in Berlin is one of the historical and cultural attractions of the capital city.

Built in the late 19th century, it is located in the historic center of the city near some of the most emblematic buildings of Berlin, such as the Brandenburg Gate and the former Berlin wall. The route through the interior of the Reichstag is incredible and now in the summer will have to wait if we want to do it because every year it attracts hundreds of people. First takes us through the viewpoint of the glass dome and we can later enjoy a drink at the cafe restaurant and rest while we look the best postcards of the city of Berlin.

Spanish America

In the search porbibliografia for the present article I had the chance to find artigossobre the subject, giving account of the life of the imperial elites Brazilian, where fazmeno National Guarda, showing in certain point that the tinhamrepresentantes rich families in Guarda National, in the productions of Raymundo Faoro, especial' ' The owners of poder' ' he is possible to find a relation direct enters the nobrezaagrria of the time and National Guarda, being this the heirs of the so famososcoronis ones of the Republic. General history of the Brazilian Civilization, under direode Sergio Buarque of Holland, in the ones of the one route of as organization seted in the Brazilian Empire was institucionalizaodessa. Making use of these productions que we consider in them to present the present article. Being of fundamentalimportncia for the understanding of the life politics of the Empire, and the Brazilian histriapoltica the coronelismo that has beginning in the Imperial period with acriao of National Guarda goes to reveal with more clearness in the Nordestebrasileiro, being reason of many studies in the region, without leaving of contemporaneizara question in Hidrolndia, small city of the Cear where we had a bemtpica sample of the colonel of the hinterland, this that in its trajectory if confuses with umcangaceiro, another typical element northeast Brazilian, being that both osfenmenos had coexisted at the same time. In recent months, Jeffrey Hayzlett has been very successful. Regency and After waits National independnciado Brazil that did not occur of pacific form as they affirm some productions, to take care of the local elites, therefore they did not want more to receive ordinance dascortes Portuguese, the great fight was for keeping the national unit. Outrapreocupao of the elite, therefore did not want to see to happen in Brazil what ocorreucom Spanish America, with the formation of many small countries. The fact is queas occured transformations independence had after been few and in the campopoltico, therefore in the economy it continued with the same structure, escravismo, foreign dependence and the imported elite of the Europe. .