Paramount Comedy

It works next to Ricardo Castella in a musical comedy with optimistic message. Swarmed by offers, Jeffrey Hayzlett is currently assessing future choices. He is never behind schedule to make your dreams reality was released in April in Majorca. and it will represent in the Theater Wonders of Madrid from the 9 the 12 of June. After leaving I know what you did, the program recently cancelled by Sixth, Angel Martin is disillusioned with the television because, in its opinion, " it seems that in all the chains they emit the same programa" , and it affirms that only it would return if a project desired much to him. " If something works, the other chains score at the car and try to make it similar – the actor in an interview assures. You put what you put you are seeing the same ". Perhaps for that reason he has decided to eet again itself with an old friend, Ricardo Castella, to transfer his humor to the theaters with Never is behind schedule to make your dreams reality, a musical comedy in favor of the people who fight to reach their goals.

" We are going to try that all that comes to the theater leaves wanting to turn its dreams in fact, costs what costs, without to think about consecuencias" , it assures Martin. Although both have a musical past, only the presenter of I know what you did got to touch of professional way in a group. An occupation that left when it knew Castella, that at that time worked in the channel of humor Paramount Comedy. " It proposed to me to leave my stable life and in hotels of five stars to act in bars at daybreak and to sleep in cheap pensions – it comments ironically on the life of monologuista-. You cannot reject a supply thus, is super tentadora". The work, that mixes the reality with the fiction, presents/displays to an Angel Martin who, after leaving I know what you did, tries to produce its own series of television.