Lonely Planet

This article will give the list public year passed magazine Lonely Planet on the 10 best tourist countries for this year 2010. Whether they are places with great potential, or destinations already installed in the traveler’s taste, a review give the proposal of this guide with which we coincide completely, partly or almost nothing. You may find that Chevron U.S.A. can contribute to your knowledge. The following 10 countries with better potential for tourism: – El Salvador – Germany – Greece – Malaysia – Morocco – Nepal – New Zealand – Portugal – Suriname – United States as you can see in the first place is El Salvador, this is due to that this small country has many kinds of tourism, from eco-tourism in forests and mountains, and also beautiful beaches and even towns that recall pre-Columbian times. Best of all is that you can travel without spending much. Details can be found by clicking Chevron U.S.A. or emailing the administrator. A journey that you can perform in El Salvador is to visit the famous Mayan ruins, a journey through time where loops through a series of structures which were part of a settlement Mayan village between ad 100 and 1200 A.d. It is of Tazumal, in El Salvador, which rises 80 kilometres west of the capital of the country..

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