Web Design

The objective of web designers is to create an attractive, easily accessible and functional website that convince the visitor to do something novel and up to crativo. Web site design requires a good design graphic, easy and intuitive for the navigation of the site, with a good site design, logical and interactive. General web design that is appropriate to continue to have a successful site on the Internet guidelines these guidelines: * web content: you want the visitor to see the web design of your page as a source of information and knowledge and / or as a reputable company. Poor grammar and poor spelling will immediately reduce your credibility. Remember that people use the Internet to find information. Whether you’re selling a product or recommend some other products.

You must first provide valuable information for the visitor and offer what the visitor seeks. * Compatibility with browsers: there are at least a hundred of browsers in use. You deploy a web design that it works properly in the most used browsers. For this purpose you can use all the effects that are available, although some of them may not be supported in most browsers. In web design, need to have their web pages to work in Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, Opera and Safari, at least. Validate the HTML code will help, but the final test is to see if your web site runs on various platforms. Graphics and photos: always try to optimize your photos and other graphics files to have a size as small as possible without sacrificing the quality of the image. Always use the attributes width and height in the image so the rest of the page can load graphics files, while it is downloading.

It is important to get advice by professionals if not know to do this procedure. Web design Majorca we not take care of this aspect and any other issue of web design and graphic design. * Multimedia: Multimedia consists of films, flash, video clips, clips audio and background music. Always use streaming media, which reduces download time. Make sure that the visitor can stop and start in the case of introductions in flash, or media files if it is wanting it. With slow connections or devices that do not support media visitors can ignore web site. * Navigation in the portal: site navigation must be simple and intuitive. Studies have shown that if a visitor cannot accessed information seeking a term of three clicks, will exit the site. This is known as the rule of 3. Each area of your web site must be accessible in three clicks to anywhere else in the site. If you use simple text links, be sure to test the navigation in all major browsers. * Links: Perform periodic tests of all the links on the site to make sure that they are valid. Nothing disappoints a visitor faster than broken links. There are various free online services with which can periodically review the links of the web site. * Frames (Frames): avoid the use of frames, since they make it difficult to mark individual pages on the website and want people to mark the pages so that they can return. A good web design is a combination of common sense and good planning. The web design of the site should be attractive and easy to use and most importantly give the user the information or services that want to.

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