The Planet

Even though we like to fantasize, we are still slaves of powers and institutions that govern us. For how long?. Good I I wish, I hope and believe that by little (relatively). As they say the old and wise tribes of the Amazon (which for more INRIA, has been and is one of the worst hit areas of the planet, along with Africa and India): the world is as you dream it. The problem is that they have only been able to sleep and dream of your perfect world seems so far the powerful.

One thing that all those who want and expect a change/evolution should take into account; and once I see us and believe us quite documented and awareness to fight, change and progress, then it is when we should look to our navels sincerely ask ourselves, and think about if not we will be getting into a sort of labyrinth without exit which mice laboratory, if not we will be saturating and stagnating only partly passive and theoretical problems. Many remain isolated and ignorant of the problems, because us comes to them or do not touch them most directly. This is a big mistake, since an injustice anywhere (however small that is), is a threat to Justice and freedom everywhere. Rather, I believe that we will only move forward towards our world dream, when really we feel it, and not only for us but for all who suffer or are deprived of their basic needs and their freedom. Only really move when we tighter to the problems (which shake and destroy our world) by root and not stop until solucionar / heal until the last outbreak of the last stem of the highest branch. Will not change anything until we do not concentrate and focus our strengths in a positive and constructive manner (non-destructive like Empires, already fall themselves by their weight, corruption and decadence, like his predecessors, to the tallest towers and more vast empires fell, and will continue falling), searching for and applying best proposals and actions; but above all doing it in a more active way and practice (let us not remain or fall into the dogmatism or demagogy/rhetoric easy/passive/theoretical). Peace and freedom are eternal for the needy.

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