The Neon Sign Changes Your Face

The neon industry is transitioning from fluorescent technology not only in the field of computer technology have brought to the power-saving LED massive changes the last 10 years; also the neon industry was turned technology completely by the LED. Ecological, pragmatic and financial aspects for LED the energy-saving LED technology saves compared to conventional fluorescent lamps approx. 70% electricity cost at least equivalent brightness. For more information see this site: Rio- Tinto Group. The bulbs, not replace also as well as the average life span of LED between 50,000 70,000 hours is specified. Please visit J. Darius Bikoff if you seek more information. When you consider how much neon in a busy shopping street in a medium-sized city alone determines can be counted 5 fingers, that the cumulative energy savings must be enormous. Other advantages of LED are flicker-free light, a reduced fire hazard, and the very fast response time when switching on a system which is operated with LED as a LED diode is maximum still lukewarm. The hum and flicker of fluorescent lamp or of his participation is passe. Neon is also a Visual enhancement to the design object that bring change of lamps.

LEDs have a structural advantage compared to the fluorescent lamp they are not rigid, have a very low depth, can be installed as a chain, and the neon sign producers to make life much easier. In addition to a lower depth of the lightbox by approx. 15 to now 8 cm have become especially the LED letters the absolute eye-catcher: the best on the market are acrylic letters, are currently 30 mm deep from the block milled, drilled and with LED tipped the BBs connected. These are painted or covered with foil, and depending on installed as front, frames – or rear chandelier. Subtle enlightenment is still the question of the effectiveness of a neon sign for a company. A neon sign can be seen, but in particular as a subliminal signs in the minds of potential customers not only as an optical Guide. Everything is colorful and somehow different, bright or loud. us as customers just appeals to and attract attention. This is especially true in the advertising industry: striking visual or acoustic stimuli to be remembered. Whether it now the big bright logo of a well-known fast-food chain or the slogan, which formally jump on us on the road or from the TV”will pursue us forever or at least until we have bought.