Passover Market

E the third world, the cruelest and destructive of the soul human being, the leisure of the masses, precarious and sporadical, as example: the parties of the day of the work, programs of valuation of the public server, among others (MASCARENHAS, 2004). Thus, in this critical-cultural bias, the photographs had been analyzed to the light of the materialistic philosophy, understanding the game and its historical moment dialtico. It is distinguished a priori, the toy car, that, long ago constructed for the hands creative of the children, had been substituted, for the industrialized ones occurring the robery of the playful one (MARCELLINO, 1995)? of the creativity, the imagination, the essence of the pleasure, leaving of arquitetar its proper dreams in the creation process. In this manner, it must be added in the quarrel that, (…) the market of toys puts into motion millions every year, using itself of innumerable resources to enchant and to seduce, becoming the children faithful consumers of these products, which are necessities invented for the market and media, commercialized, (…) acting in imaginary the infantile one, stimulating the consumption of the superfluous one that soon it is substituted by another product, as the marketing publicitrio.’ ‘ (…) (VAROTTO & IT HISSES, 2004).

On the other hand, the imaginary one of the adult one passes to be molded by ‘ ‘ jogo’ ‘ of the market, reverting itself qualitative values in quantitative, that is, the time to be fortifying bows of friendships and having time to make what really it likes, as well as, participating in parties and events, as: anniversary, marriage, baptism, juninas parties, Passover, Christmas, new year, wax candle of Nazar, days of the boyfriends, are reverted in the consumption goods? the gift, in detriment of the true symbolic value of the souvenir or of being able to be with, is merchandise. Of this same form, as merchandise, if express lazeres of mass, exemplificando: micaretas, states-folias, the carnivals are of time? recifolia, parafolia, carnatal, among others, without saying of the curses caused to the spaces and the equipment of the leisure with the events of few hours and some days, causing sonorous pollution, and, proving it segregation space economic partner – of inside? the elite, having doctors and security guard of are, beyond segregated are kept out of society the measure who well are not seen by the security and the policing, therefore can become a risk during the party, confusing the other people’s amusement (MASCARENHAS, 2004)..