Great Chief Seattle

But we are wild and the dreams of the white man remain hidden to us. And therefore we will follow different paths, because above all we value the right of every man to live as you wish, by very different to be siblings. Not really much that unites us. Day and night can not live and we meditaremos your offer to buy our country and send us to a reservation. There we will live separate and in peace. Does not matter where to spend the rest of our days. Our children saw their parents demeaned and defeated. Our warriors have been humiliated and after the defeat spend their weary days, poisoning their bodies with sweet food and strong drink.

Does not matter where to spend the rest of our days. They no longer be many. Few hours, maybe a couple of winters, and no son of large tribes that once lived in this country and that now wander in small groups through forests, will survive to mourn before the tomb of a village, which was so strong and so full of hopes as ours. But when the last Redskin man has disappeared from this earth and her memories are only as the shadow of a cloud on the Prairie, the spirit of my ancestors in these shores and these forests will still be alive. Because they loved this land as the newborn loves the beating heart of his mother.

But, why should I regret me by the twilight of my people? Peoples are formed by men, not for anything else. And men are born and die as the waves of the sea. Even the white man, whose God walks and speaks with him from friend to friend, cannot escape this common fate. Perhaps we really are brothers. One thing we do know, that perhaps the white man will discover someday that your God and ours are the same great spirit. You may think you possess you, just as you life owning our country, but that you can not achieve it. He is the God of all men, both the Redskins and the whites. This earth is precious to them, and damage the Earth means despeciar to its creator. I say that also the white desaparecereis, perhaps earlier than other races. Continue littering your bed and a night die suffocated by your own excrement. We meditaremos your offer to buy our land, because we know that if we do not accept will surely come the white man with weapons and we will eject. Because the white man, who momentarily holds power, believes that it is God, to who belongs to the world. If you do give our Earth love it as much as we loved it, worry for her as much as we preocupabamos us, keep its memory as it is when you take them. And with all your strength, your spirit and your heart keep it for your children and love it as the great spirit loves us all us. Because even though we are wild we know one thing: our God is your God. This land is sacred to him. Even the white man cannot escape this common destiny. Maybe even let us be brothers.