Fusca Planet

How man who since child was not gotten passionate by cars! Still today men exist, and also some women who, cannot see a pretty machine to the side or hear a snore of a good engine, that does not stop to admire. The cars are a world-wide passion. But when we speak of old cars, fusca is one of the biggest relics for that they admire it an old car. The first car of Volkswagen and one of the cars more vendido of the world. Other cars are also attraction, when the collectors decide to give one voltinha for the streets of the city with its machines, the looks leave attracting all who know even though to admire a good machine and of fans.

With this fever all for cars, exists those that not ficamcom they only in the thought, and thus, had decided to write on the subject, and had launched blogs in the Internet that the new features and curiosidades of old cars say to all. It has blog Old Cars (), one blog brought up to date well with photos, old announcements of the cars, fairs, meeting between collectors, races and its organizations. Valley imposes a fine on to confer, Old valley imposes a fine on to also confer blog Green and Yellow (), sensational photos of the cars, and of current and old localities as they were old, news articles, history of cars and its curiosidades, it also shows the embroidery frames of as this world of old motoring functions. Also Fusca Planet has blog (), that it counts many histories, new features, videos, new features on events of the automobile way. The Fusca Clssic (), substances of the hall of the automobile, many photos, histories of cars and its marks, colors and images for cars, inspection to propagate among others. You like old, however good car, love the sound of its engines and design backward that they have, already you can see in diverse sites and blogs. Now you also can write curiosidades and new features on old automobiles and share with the people what she has of more interesting. You can create one blog and in few minutes she will be dividing its knowledge with people of the world all.