Internet PORTAL

Many are talking about WazzUb and all wonder: 1. do WazzUb is a fraud? 2. Is it true that WazzUb, is going to share your winnings with us users? 3. Is it possible to earn so much money with WazzUb, only for registering us on your page? 4. What is the secret of WazzUb? I’ll begin to solve all those concerns with two questions: have you ever you ever wondered how works the system economic the companies leaders in the world of the Internet, such as Yahoo, Google, Facebook, YouTube and other similar? How is that if the services that we provide are free, they receive millions of dollars a day it possible? The answer is very simple: these companies perceive their income by advertising that sold both companies and people. To us as users we do not charge for use of their services, but companies and/or people who advertise on these portals, if they pay so that your ad is seen, all that money they receive we generate it:!Users! Everytime you use Internet, you’re generating dividends for those companies.

And with the rise and globalization that has Internet, the number of users is increasing and therefore the profits of these giants. All of them have the same system, the funny thing is that if we generate them profits, none of them shared their profits with us. As well this is where comes WazzUb. And I to answer all these questions: first: WazzUb is not a fraud, what WazzUb aims to is earn a place on the Internet, give competition to Google, Yahoo, Bing and all other and what this making a big, sharing their profits with all persons who register and made known to WazzUb with family and friends before April 9. Second: WazzUb, if you are going to share your winnings with us users, but. Not with everyone, with only those who register before 9th April 2012.

Third: If it is possible to earn so much money with WazzUb, but not only by register, is also by passing the voice for others to have this opportunity. Fourth: the Secret to making money with WazzUb is not simply sign to us. Consists of: to) register at WazzUb. b) confirming the subscription c) register at least 5 people under you. d) set WazzUb as home during its launch. (e) do all or at least 5 people that your sign-ups, put to WazzUb home page. The real secret of WazzUb to generate profits is that all its users put to test your page, become familiar with it and is doing this campaign, place it as homepage, why because more users have WazzUb as your home page, more successful will have its portal and therefore more profits is going to distribute. WazzUb aims to position itself as the single Internet PORTAL that shares its profits with users, thus WazzUb can guarantee to its customers (which pauten with them) that their ads will reach your target audience and at the same time the people who pauten with them will benefit in terms of price and effectiveness of your campaign advertising. That is our work is: preach that WazzUb is going to be the Portal of the future.