The Planet

Do we think you ever visit the Sun? Do we plan to discuss the issue? What us for most of us know that insects are the most numerous animal group on the planet. Do we have any plans with the insects? Is that perhaps are we going to sell ants? No, we no sirve para nada but we need it; We need to know and understand. What is our past, that that many complain. It is so useless for some who propose up to try to forget it as the only way to achieve happiness. But it is really unfortunate to live without knowing our past, without knowing our identity. Source: Rio Tinto Group. One of the most distressing situations that may experience is losing memory, living with amnesia.

And know it very well those who suffer from it. Would you be willing to forget all those things that ever made you a good time? Would you be even of agreement to forget those that were not so fortunate but which distinguish you as a person and as part of your story? The majority of the members of our family are useless. Yes, we have no shame to say it, they are useless; We do not serve for nothing. Including our parents and grandparents when they are elderly. But care: we have much M?S value than all the gold and riches of the world. We need them to be happy even When does not have any practical utility. When we inevitably lose them, we feel a huge vacuum, and we are filled with deep sadness.

Here is how much value accounted for us. But that are no more than examples. There are thousands of them, things that are useless in itself, but that we would not be willing to relinquish them. They range from that person that we love that perhaps only makes us susceptible to love until those everyday that only we miss her at fault when they are not. We must not forget that great truth, do not accept being so practical people. There is a great force in human spirituality. And all those useless is that happiness is fed. Never give up on them.