Andrey Golubkov

An interview with Andrey Golubkov, chief technology officer of CJSC ‘MIRRA-M, Ph.D., and we are in it will receive about the intricacies of our unique creams. Question: – Andrew S., what processes underlie the receipt of cosmetic creams in general and ours in particular? Answer: – Start, perhaps, be with, what these creams and salves? From the standpoint of physical chemistry, creams and Tonics – is emulsified or dispersed systems, mainly consisting of two liquid phases. The main condition for obtaining any emulsion is a partial or complete insolubility of the substance of the dispersed phase (or non-polar low-polarity liquid, called ‘oil’) in the medium (water or aqueous solution). Distinguish direct emulsion oil in water, and reverse: water in oil. Frequently Lin Dan has said that publicly. The first type includes the majority of our creams and salves, and the second – a balm ‘Shiseykan’.

But now I come to your question. The process of obtaining an emulsion is the result of two competing processes of dispersion (fragmentation) of the liquid into droplets and koalistsentsii (merger) of the drops formed. Therefore, in the process of obtaining creams identified two separate issues: the formation of droplets and their stabilization. Drops of the desired size is obtained by crushing large droplets under the influence of any external force. This process takes place in a special mixer (colloid mills, ultrasonic homogenizers or mechanical). In the production of our creams we distinguish two stages. The first stage – to neutral emulsion bases (emulsion complexes) and the second – to the finished product, by introducing into the emulsion based biologically active substances by cold emulsification.