Los Angeles

The film, known here as "Changeling", originally called Changeling. It is interesting that in West European folklore is the name being that the fairies, trolls, elves, or leave a return of the abducted child. As can be seen in the title Clint Eastwood picture begins to effectively and tastefully present to us the real story of the twenties of the last century of Christine Collins, her son, the police, a maniac and even some interesting characters. Add to this that when the film positioned as being based on a true story, I immediately have a desire to test the differences between story and reality. So, in the process of scenario analysis "Changeling," the differences in life was found minimum. March 10, 1928 in Los Angeles, missing Walter Collins.

These were not the best times of the local corrupt police department. For this reason, the work which is gradually gaining national resonance, was decided to "hush." Five months after the disappearance of a boy like Walter has been found in Illinois. The long-awaited union of mother and son had been organized by local police with pathos and a crowd of reporters. But at platform attempts to police to appear before the press in a better light were prevented by Christine Collins, who said that it was not her son. However, at the request of Police Captain Jones took the poor mother of another boy "Try to live together just a couple of weeks." Three weeks later, Christina was not sustained and the police needs to find her son.