Attorney Gereon

Statements such as ‘perceived stupidity’ must put up with lawyers, which must make call with your full name and address on the Internet at Abmahner. Lawyer Geron sand j from Berlin recorded 4,450 results under the term warning sand Hage”in Google, the largest search engine. Each online shop, which deals with the sale of goods over the Internet, is pleased about a high conversation rate and sufficient services in search engines. “Whatever the motivation but lawyers track under your name the term watchdog Attorney” find, their secret alone. You know difficult to identify their motivation, when merchant is several years with countless, received cease and desist letters for me too”, pal told me on the receipt of the notice of lawyer Geron sand j received on Friday.

If politicians in Germany are copying your theses, I assume, that there is also a law student, your completion due to lack of blotting paper of the Bank neighbor’s reach. We have to live with that there people including lawyers, who can know not just better. “There are commercially active people, with the motto: every day is a stupid person, you need to find only him operate their trade”, PAL said smirking. But the fact is that just the lawyers dealing with the drafting of general warnings, think so much legal knowledge to have, that the drawer thinking right to speak and to enforce a Board in front of the head rather than a drawer is similar to.” With these final words, PAL pushes me five online prints on the table about the industrial activities of lawyer Sandy Hage and their alleged clients rapid painter GmbH. Meanwhile, the times seem irrevocably over, where online merchants by sending lawyers have intimidated. Calculated the cease and desist letter supposedly specifically to us for rapid painter GmbH, with an assets at December 31, 2009 by 41.700,85 (Source Federal Gazette) more poorly than languishing right on the market, in the letter of Attorney Gereon sand Sagan explains the rapid painting company and the lotex24 are in a concrete competitive relationship.