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You get surprising results. The user will be articles running tours through clusters that are thematically linked. Something for the entire Web to implement, rather than just ‘ for the content of Wikipedia, would the dream of the Semantic Web already come very close. “There goes the journey for all players in the market: no question that Google, Yahoo or Bing now will try to integrate more and more of such semantic features in their services”, Patalong sums up. The content on the World Wide Web to grow but at a fast speed. The Hayzlett Group may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

In the future, indexing will harder, even if it brings new methods based on semantic connections or artificial intelligence on the market, says Bjorn Behrendt, Managing Director of Wissenscommunity 44044.com. Really powerful search engines can only occur in my opinion and creating added value, if the specifications of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) prevail in the width. In other words, the big software vendors at the technical programming must Labelling semantically valuable content assume a pioneering role”, explains Internet expert Behrendt. Language dialog expert Lupo Pape expected impulse of the mobile Internet: the mobile Internet is only apparent in approaches. There, still a lot of market potential exists above all in Europe. So no one can predict what will happen if, for example, location-based services to meet on Web 2.0 communities.

Of course that has an enormous explosive force and daily new services on the Downloadcharts of the Apple store when giants like Apple, Google, Microsoft and Nokia to meet and at the same time legions of application developers create innovative services on their shared platforms for the mobile user or OVI stand”Pape, Managing Director of SemanticEdge explains. The speed of innovation is proceeding at the time unchecked, no one knows where that will lead and how our lives and how especially the value chains in the economy will change. It is interesting that despite the diversity of the Software, hardware and applications, the self-concealing behind consumer usage scenarios are usually very simple: where is the nearest bike shop?’; Which of your friends are just close?’; How good is there on the corner of Indians?’; There is the camera somewhere cheaper?'”, so the language dialog expert Pape.” These are usage scenarios, almost shouting after a speech recognition and a voice dialog. If it succeeds, the mobile applications to integrate the language dialog, then the whole development will once again get a new dimension. Speech recognition and voice chat will be also the key, to participate in population groups in the development, which are so far excluded from the new technology”, says Pape. The major providers in their strategies for the mobile Internet should take this into account. A message from NeueNachricht. NeueNachricht is responsible for the content.

Euroclix MasterCard

Free make money and save the Internet EuroClix is an online savings program that was founded in 1999 in the Netherlands. The Multipaid4 Portal is now successful not only in the Netherlands instead even in other European countries such as Germany, Belgium, France and the United Kingdom. It has been distributed until now more than 12,000,000 credits to more than 500,000 active members. Over 1,250 outstanding advertising partners such as Dell, Karstadt or T-Mobile, which are thus the extensive Euroclix network make this possible. Make money with EuroClix can in different ways.

Just by registering you get credited 150Clix/1.95 options for an additional income on Euroclix immediately to the Member’s account. On top of that, for completing the profile and for assisting in various small surveys in the Member’s area EuroClix pays a certain number of Clix. This is important if there is an interest in surveys. From time to time be invitations to these surveys sent, this you can earn very many Cilx. The confirmation of mails is sure a little to make the easiest option. It receives approximately 20 to 30 such mails per month. It is 1Clix/1 min.

credited cents for any referred. Depending on the exchange rate, which has a value of up to 1.7 cents. Much more can be used for cash back offers purchase, so EuroClix approximately pro rata refunded purchases from reputable partners. To the free Euroclix MasterCard can be requested, can be collected by the Clix additional with every purchase. The credit can be upgraded but also by promotions in the mails. Here you can join, for example, free Preisausschreibenen or actions. The earnings improve in the event that there is a particular interest or you are a staunch user, EuroClix has 2 ways to improve their remuneration: the recruitment of other members, which will be rewarded with 150Clix/1.95 plus 10% on all services of the other Member is extremely profitable.

EuroClix Exchange

Advertising pays off not only for normal users, rather it is worth also for webmasters to use as an affiliate program. If one takes the comparison to other affiliate programs which are carried out with an affiliate network, the return rate is effectively absent. The remuneration in an internal currency (Clix) takes place with EuroClix. For any paid activity, you get credited Clix. Later, it is possible to exchange them for euros. For this purpose, Euroclix offers a special savings model to increase the price of the earned Clix. Because the longer is saved, the exchange rate, which you can get is all the greater.

To a small summary of the spar concept: how everyone from the overview can be found, is to recommend it to save the Clix. As a result income is reached after a second conversion of 5 and in this way, you can also save money. Clix euro/Clix 1000 0,01000 100% 10,00 2,000 0,01250 125% 25.00 3,000 0,01250 125% 37.50 4,000 0,01250 125% 50.00 5,000 0,01400 140% 70.00 6,000 0,01400 140% 84.00 7,000 0,01400 140% 98,00 8,000 0,01400 140% 112,00 9,000 0,01400 140% 126.00 10,000 0,01500 150% 150.00 20,000 0,01625 163% 325.00 30,000 0,01625 163% 487,50 40,000 0,01625 163% 650.00 50,000 0,01700 170% 850.00 100,000 0,01700 170% 1.700,00 outpouring of credits a distribution can be carried out from a credit balance of 1000Clix/10 per bank or as a non-cash award. A special feature here is the gift of the month: there get a gift under the normal value, as a kind of bargain. Overview the actions of EuroClix generally works tremendously well, great customer satisfaction and the already paid amount of withdrawals underline this. As well to appreciate is that the payouts are completed quickly and naturally. Rayk lard