The Planet

Aissa walking to her house with her two best friends, They stopped and watched as many of the trees were deteriorating their own, continued walking and saw two dead birds, briefly commented on the contamination of a comet that passed close to the ground and had caused many disturbances in the atmosphere, at least so said in the news, Aissa however believes there is no such thing, it was humanity itself was destroying the planet, went on their way, talked and joked, Aissa was only two months of age 11. Aissa asks Edward to tell him to give him the day of his birthday and presents him safely, she says she will think. Aissa Wony friend asked the same and promises Aissa think of a good gift. Aissa goodbye and hurried home comes screaming at her grandfather. The grandfather is in a big chair and tells you approach Aissa, the first thing he says is that his name is Mobed not Obed, who took the letter M because the name seemed odd that planet earth is Aissa He laughed and asked if he felt bad, or that if one had eaten grass, just asked him something very important to listen should know, because the time was approaching and she had to know a great truth. Aissa Mobed tells the story of their lives and start saying how it is that bought that great house, and all these luxuries, remembering him about that one day as he walked and wandered, with her arms when she was only a few days old baby, could take no more and fell with her in the desert.