Practicing Sports

Sierra Nevada has become a point of reference for lovers of mountain sports. Besides having ski resort of highest altitude in the country, it has a wide variety of paths for hiking and mountain biking. And in case outside little, very close to the coast is. Staying in a rental apartments Sierra Nevada during the winter months allows us to enjoy ski resort. It has over 100 kilometres of slopes, distributed in 16 Greens, 40 blue, 50 rojas.

9 black and a background track. Thousands of people who like to ski and winter sports choose by this station because it allows its visitors the possibility to scroll to Granada, which is located a few kilometres away, and enjoy its cultural attractions and its wonderful tapas. But not only is there activity in winter. In summer, Sierra Nevada apartments offers the possibility of hiking and mountain biking. Sierra Nevada has a large number of hiking routes, which run through the Natural Park located between las Alpujarras and the Lecrin Valley.

Walking along their routes, the Mountaineer can enjoy the magnificent views of the mountain and tour peaks more than 3,000 metres high. Cycling enthusiasts can also practice this type of sport, since Sierra Nevada has become one of the ports of mountain preferred by riders. There is no day that is not visible to a cycling amateur enjoying its roads, which are not easy. And how, always isn’t the Spanish sport par excellence; the tapas. And for practicing what better to do it in Andalusian lands. Sierra Nevada allows you to enjoy a good wine and some good tapas in the mountain, in the streets of the capital or a good couch facing the sea; the tourist is the one who decides.