International Court

However, Uribe refused to respond by mobilizing his troops before their neighbors and then Chavez urged Ortega and Correa to greet him at an international Summit. At a time when tension was very strong. Uribe warned his llanero counterpart that it denunciaria before the International Court for crimes of terrorism sponsorship and showed have laptops where it was supposedly revealed that Caracas was financed or protected to the FARC. Chavez retorted him that the Colombian President was a liar, a mobster worse than Al Capone, narco and lackey of the Empire. The tone was lowering to root that Chavez gave a twist to the FARC. At the beginning of the year suggested to recognize these as the warring forces, but after the death of three of their seven secretaries (including their leader Tirofijo and his Chancellor Kings) and the rise of the domestic popularity of Uribe, he tacked the FARC to desist from armed struggle as of obsolete and all 700 hostages who have unconditionally freed by calling and in exchange for nothing.

The liberation of Betancourt just Chavez made this last question and the rest of leftist Governments in the region repeated more distances before the FARC occurred the sudden rescue of Ingrid Betancourt. The official version claims a remarkable work of intelligence in which the guerrillas more experienced and seasoned in the hemisphere was oblivious burlada and lost their Crown jewels (his main hostage and the only American prisoners that had) without firing a shot (something opposite to what happened when the army failed before wanting to rescue 11 deputies and before a former Minister). Hours of producing such rescue and amid the euphoria is why we explain that there should be more profound coas. From a first we alert that there could be a crisis in the FARC or sectors of this perhaps by will own or by link with leftist Governments opposed to continue with the armed way had reached an agreement.