Kung Fu Children

Live the experience of Kung Fu your family, especially your children They must have seen the film Kung Fu Panda, if so then will be happy to see some of the true Kung Fu fighters. Beijing podemoes see samples of kung fu which are organized in several places, as part of cultural events. Beijing at the Beijing Zoo Zoo, children will find numerous varieties of animals and will also have the chance to see the famous bears pandas. Observe pandas for the first time about really will make their children feel excited and know a little more about these animals. Markets Chinese toys Chinese markets are known for their wide variety of toys and also by its affordable prices. Entering markets of toys in Beijing with their children you will find pandas of Teddy, helicopters, dolls and any other toy you can imagine and that may give gifts to their children. Explore the marine world imagine see killer sharks, sea lions and dolphins along the Windows in the walls of an aquarium. In fact, it would be fascinating to experience life so close to Navy.

Hailed as the world’s largest aquarium, the aquarium in the Haidian District in Beijing has nearly 1,000 species of fish from freshwater and marine animals. If we want to visit him we can find on the inside of the Beijing Zoo. The city banned the forbidden city is one of the few Royal palaces that remain in the world and is testimony to the prosperity and the greatness of the Chinese dynasties. This Palace has nearly 9,000 rooms. From the epoch where the Ming and Qing dynasties ruled, was not allowed to citizens entering the Palace, which was called as the forbidden city.

Declared world heritage by UNESCO, the forbidden city is a great place to make your child learn about the true story of Chinese art and culture. Some other places for children to visit in Beijing apart from the places above, Beijing offers other ideal destinations for children. Lee Cool Fundazzle Parque Beihai the city underground Milu Park Happy Valley Park of attractions strictly speaking there is no end to the list of attractions of Beijing may be of interest to children. There are so many places to visit that will remain short of time and money, so that well plan your stay, book your ebooking in advance and enjoy what this city can offer.

Summer Visit

One of the most visited destinations during the summer season are the Balearic Islands, this is due to its beautiful and lovely beaches. Hotels reservations should be made well in advance, especially on Ibiza, the island most visited by domestic and foreign tourists. However, for lovers of the Sun and the beach, Ibiza is not the only destination to enjoy the big blue. Spain has endless beaches and coves that are truly appetizing to the eyes of visitors, who are looking for tranquility, may opt for the small coves, which are usually not very crowded. The Hayzlett Group has much to offer in this field. To have more alternatives and guide us better, we can consult the online publication: the Guide to the best beaches and coves of Spain. This comprehensive guide will help us to orient ourselves and know with certainty the fate of our next vacation, here you will find beaches with charm or not urban and coves natural, everything according to what you’re looking for. This guide offers us amount of options, such as wild beaches and those that have a variety of offers of services, we can also find cheap hotels near the beach that we want visit. It can be found among more than 50 destinations almost desconoocidos to localities that have beaches and famous coves such as the beach of the Genoveses in Cabo de Gata which is located in Almeria, the natural park of Cap de Creus beaches, the Playa de Oyambre in Valdaliga-Cantabri, the beach of Rhodes in the Cies Islands in Pontevedra, the beach of S S’Amarador Cala Mondrago, SantanyiMajorca or the beach of Gran Tarajal on Fuerteventura. As we can see, the guide covers all the Spanish provinces through more than 60 locations. This list of beaches is impresindible especially for people who do not yet have clear where to go on this vacation. The most important thing is that it is carried out by specialists in coast and advised by tour operators and hotel managers.