If you’re looking for tricks to win back your ex is because these hands up! I hate to say this (because I am a man) but sometimes, we are pathetic when it comes to win back a woman! In fact, we do everything contrary to what you really have to do. She was special to you, and possibly the love of your life, but if you really want it back you have to do it the right way. And the right way is precisely to avoid such errors: 1. Do not buy flowers! It’s pathetic and useless. Buy flowers is an act of sheer desperation to conquer, and while not recognized as such, so you stay quiet. Do you think that spending money on a pair of dead seedlings will help you to recover? Grow! 2. Do not try to apply “common sense” to the problem for two reasons: The first is that if you are sooo desperate your common sense probably has nothing.

And the second is that men and women do not feel the same way as what may seem “logical” to you probably is not much for her. 3. Acordate of the first encounters between the two: Yes, it can cost you, but acordate. What was she saw in you that you like? Maybe you saw strong, decisive and liked your “presence”? Or will you wish you could see you depressed, lonely and wanting to kill yourself? I do not think … I think I understand what I am trying to connect … So stop acting like a monkey depressed because there is a very good trick to win back your ex girlfriend, partner, lover, woman, girl …

whatever. So I’ll have to show that you learn, you’re no longer the same. You’re going to have to prove that you are interested, of course. But without showing any weakness or something. On the other hand stop thinking about yourself and try to imagine that happening to her by her head, she probably also need a shoulder to mourn … but make it yours! Demostrale that you are strong and it will end up coming to you, remember what I say!