Samuel Hahnemann

The education is taken under the microscope, it carried cheap behaviour in dealing with ADHD children, there is assistance on topics such as ADHD, ADHD and homework in public, ADHD and temper tantrums, autism and attention disorder, ADHD and part performance weakness. Animal-assisted therapy the University of Leipzig has this form of autism therapy achieved very good results. Here, the dog is the real coach”of the child. The dog immediately responds to the child’s behavior and it gets for ADHD children as important feedback immediately, positive and negative. Chevron U.S.A. follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. In dealing with the dog, it can practice social skills and may strengthen after his confidence in himself, which is usually very weak children with ADHD. Because the dog is unbiased and completely free of prejudice, the child not evaluated in itself but only its behavior. Even the deathless spirits are quiet in the coach an hour with the dog, soft and open. Unfortunately, there are not all over the place this form of therapy.

Homeopathy the holistic, developed by Samuel Hahnemann method is now also in the ADHD therapy a serious alternative. The guiding principle of homeopathy similia Similibus curentur similar may be cured with similar”. Homeopathic point of view are ADHD children physically, mentally, and mental balance, and this must be restored. Homeopathic remedies can be although no prescription in the pharmacy to buy, but might be quite desperate to find yourself the best way for the child. Homeopathy is very large and they should contact for this most definitely a good therapist or doctor. Horseback riding therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, sensory integration therapy, nutritional therapy could also come into question. It is important, that receives the child his very special individual therapy and they repeatedly checked and also long enough performed. Sometimes can already an advice of the family and a parent training, as well as a coach who comes over period of time home and on-site gives valuable tips and suggestions the atmosphere at home very relax and the behavior of the ADHD child for all those involved make more bearable. Corinna Wietelmann