Spanish Navy Solano

Viewpoint dominated and flanked the so-called low lookout built barbette in order to protect the River from its mouth at the sea, also prevent the establishment of any sitiadora force against the anegadizo that closed the slum of the city to the South, between the viewpoint and the Baja Vigia built barbette the so-called intermediate vigia these forts that failed to be platforms for placing artillery by the ease with which is they took in the first place against the square were demolished by the royalists. When Alejandro Humboldt visited the city in 1800 the work was paralyzed, the fires of the Fort never served to attack ships in Bay in defense to the city of pirates, if protected with their canyons course of the river and a vital way, the Summit Carabobo, currently call for Spaniards to the defensive plans of the fortified city. The captain of the Spanish Navy, Don Jose Solano and boat, Marquess of Socorro was born in C? ceres, Spain, on March 6, 1726, was in Cumana, toured the Orinoco to the abundance of Atures on March 28, 1756, also was fourth Commissioner of the Commission on the limits between the domains, he toured the Caroni, making cartographic studies Spanish and Portuguese had formerly been sword in hand of one of the defenders of the domains of their King called superbus in the Naval Battle of Cape Cisia against the British squadron of Admiral Mathews, 22 December 1744 in a ship of war against the monarch will send the ship beam making sufficient merit for Carlos III in charge it on May 23, 1763 to govern the province of Venezuela. Don Jose Solano in its scientific zeal did draw a map with special marking of each region’s resources to develop agriculture and animal husbandry. Historical descriptions enable us to know the distance a Venezuela that fosters their riches and performs an inventory of its resources, establishing regulated militias, where armed bodies they will subsequently make its military internship, much of our liberators, he fought with the Organization of pirates ships smuggling. In 1765 he will proceed to install the maritime mail in Venezuela by establishing post offices in Caracas and Puerto Cabello. Don Jose Solano left his name planted in Puerto Cabello become stone fort. Its life cycle will continue beyond the captaincy where once represented their King.

In 1771 he was promoted to the governorship and captaincy General of Santo Domingo. He returned to Spain and will be back in America, this time in its northern part in the reconquest of Florida 1781 and the taking of Pensacola. Carlos III rewards its value and loyalty with his promotion to Lieutenant Colonel and the granting of the relief marquisate, later was commissioned again to the English defeat this time as Commander of the naval forces of the Crown. To die, old sea captain had in his 64 years of continuous service to Spain and its King.

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