Potions Basin Extension For All Pasture Barrels Suitable

The potions basin extension is installed between Willow barrel and drinkers. Thus the pasture must no longer be opened and the barrel is protected against all of the animals. Hochdorf, 20.10.2010. The Landwirtschafsttechnik specialist ARNDT introduces a very sophisticated product in its range with the “watering basin extension”, because using this product innovation the pasture tap can be turned off now also conveniently outside the fenced pasture grounds. The valuable pasture barrels can protect very effectively with the help of this professional and robust potions basin extension made of galvanized steel all impacts by grazing animals. This 40 cm long extension piece establishes a stable connection between the candy barrel and the used drinkers. Of course these potions basin extension fits easily and without the use of adapters to pasture drums of all sizes from the House of ARNDT, as can the extension to an existing Pasture tap be mounted. For the pet owner represents one ARNDT drinking basin extension a double workload, because otherwise necessary open pasture can be avoided completely.

Also, no parts of the pasture fence must be removed or modified, because thanks to the potions basin extension the drinkers of all pasture barrels can now easily underneath Willow cord or the tight wire. ARNDT drinking pool extensions can be used in conjunction with drinkers from all materials. Options are available here such as classic aluminum drinking bowl or plastic drinking bowls. For some species, which are usually not well cope with a conventional basin of potions potions tongue – for example, calves, sheep, goats, and alpacas – ARNDT offers a special solution: drinkers with an integrated float. For more information in the online shop at company description company ARNDT Europe-discount boasts in more than four decades gathered experience in the field of product development and the active trade in products from the agricultural areas of livestock farming and animal husbandry.

Clear and structured online portal of the company – to see the Web address – can private and commercial owners and breeders compare numerous products from this area, recommend an industry colleague, save in a Notepad and order of course in an easy way. For pet owners and breeders from Baden-Wurttemberg, a personal visit to the generously laid-out store in the Swabian village of high of course even advisable to make the team extensively and competently advise the Europe-discount ARNDT. Currently, more than 50,000 individual articles that likes to be mostly purchased by professional and commercial farmers for their farms can be found in the product portfolio of this tradition operation in the District of Biberach. The absolute special area of Europe-discount ARNDT are animal huts (www.arndt-tierhuetten.de) from the rugged and durable material Fiberglass. The technical term GRP stands for “Fiber optic amplifier plastic”. In addition, the company under the direction of owner Dieter Arndt has great expertise in the fields of pasture barrels and Thermofasser (www.arndt-weidefaesser.de). This virtually indestructible thanks to GFK agriculture technical products from German production, guarantee an optimal supply of valuable animal population – whether commercial or “only” hobby – all livestock keepers. Company contact: ARNDT Europe-discount Dieter Arndt Blumenweg 6 88454 Hochdorf Tel: 07355 7857 E-Mail: Web: