Fund Investment

You already know that there are different types of funds of investment that help to grow your money. One of these funds are the so-called common funds or mutual funds. And they are considered as the union of small and medium-sized investments destined for any financial asset, less to real estate. What do you say union of small and medium-sized investments? This means that it will raise the money to several people invest to make a portfolio of joint or mutual investment in which all participate. The above is called figure cuopartidista, this means that everyone has a part of the investment fund, to your part called cuotoparte this type of investment funds you can not allow that more participants enter, or leave investors to leave the group. Accordingly, the mutual funds of interest can be open or closed. Open when you allow the entry and exit of participants, and closed when the number of participants is always fixed. UISOL is likely to agree. Common investment funds they are very different and there are some in which a team members do not have to contribute the same amount, so it will not be partners in equal parts but it is dividing according to the percentages of participation of each of the members. Before entering this Fund you should check with your financial group which is the minimum for participation.

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