Dichotomy X BADLY always will exist WELL It is part of the legion of that they continue resisting, bravely, to the negative, to the forces of the EVIL that tries to impose its legend in the hearts of the people. To withdraw is that simply not to give up. It is to deny the imensurvel force of the LOVE On behalf of something very bigger that you yourselves — much more that its proper love wounded, greater that its offended dignity, you must persist. It sees that it is not a choice. It is a mission. Ahead of the EVIL it does not have and it will never have a JIB alternative The Creator not only endowed us with qualities for our projection and personal enlargement and yes, also, to reach the Next one Yes. To reach that one that does not have represents who it — that one that does not have voice — that one that is victim of the barbarity human being, diuturnamente.

That one that suffers in the blackout of its proper ignorance On behalf of ' ' annimo' ' — of the oppressed ones — not only of they love that it and they admire, you must remain in the fight against the EGOISM and the INDIFFERENCE! He inside searchs of its viscera the PARDON to the evildoer. The defeat of the EVIL. Yes, our bigger weapon always will be the PARDON. The enemy does not have force against it. our enemy greater is our express VANITY in its multiple facetas — rationalized — justified in verses and you chat The judgment is a used weapon against the Truth. It judges that one that does not obtain, or does not want to understand The pardon, in turn, is quiet and in the calm nothing it makes. It does not offend no aspect of the reality nor searchs to distort it to incase it in appearances that please to it That one that does not want to pardon has that to judge, therefore it has that to justify its failure in pardoning! Reinaldo Mller > ' ' Reizinho' '