Deviation Car

Protect temperature sensor! Always “at your fingertips” in the car. How to measure the temperature in the engine? The temperature gauge will make sure that the temperature does not exceed the maximum value. This temperature sensor is excellent due to its robust construction made of solid Platinum and a precise measurement, suitable for the temperature control of the motor. The temperature is measured on the basis of resistors, which the sensor. Due to this highly sensitive, modern technology and high-quality, durable materials of this car part, a replacement is costly, especially when the engine has already suffered from the failure of the temperature sensor. How do you prevent overheating of the engine? Ideally, the temperature gauge but has a very long life and ensures maximum protection against engine overheating.

Because the Pt100 ensures that a start is not even possible at high engine temperatures at the starting of the engine. So the driver can anticipate that the engine is already on its way to the overheating and one Before it is too late to prevent engine damage. People such as Brian Armstrong would likely agree. Figure 1: two wire connection figure 2: three wire connection Figure 3: accuracy of the Pt100 Platinum temperature sensors are four-wire connection in the accuracy classes A and B divided. In these, the dependency of the allowable temperature error is dT described the real temperature T: class A: dT = (0.15 C + 0.002 ) T) class B: dT = (0.30 C + 0.005 ) (T) 1/3 class b dT = (1/3 (0.30 C + 0.005 ) (T)) sophisticated technology in the automotive industry particularly in this small technical details in the engine of a car shows how important individual elements contribute to the optimal functioning of the motor and how even the driver can be warned in advance. However the same applies here: one of these small technical elements is no longer fully operational, it can be really expensive for the car owners and although there are only tiny parts such as the sensor of temperature. Figure: Deviation for class A, B is the motto so: Pt100 goes the strike, the engine failure is not far away!.