Choosing a Refrigerator

Current models of refrigerators are different from their predecessors not only in appearance, but with new modern materials and features, allowing for a long time to store a variety of products. Built-in appliances has become a new solution to the interior design of kitchens, and along with stove, oven, washing machine, dishwasher came the notion of “built-in refrigerators.” Compared with separate standing models, they have some advantages: higher efficiency of operation – through better insulation of walls, lower noise, as decorative furniture panels significantly “quenched” sound. And, of course, built-in refrigerators fit harmoniously into the environment food and provide easy access to their content at any time. Appliance manufacturers offer customers various models sizes, shapes and even colors. But in order to choose the best option, you need to know on what parameters you should pay attention.

Size refrigerator and features modeleyV first need to determine the volume refrigerator, and hence its size. For a family of 1-2 people will suit compact model, does not offer extra space. Typically, this single-chamber refrigerator up to 1 meter, which include cold storage and small freezer compartment. Something they may resemble the modest old model that had defrosted manually. But now, almost all refrigerators are equipped with No Frost, prevents the formation of frost on the chamber walls (the Liebherr refrigerator is the name written in one word – Nofrost). Family of 3-4 people need to be a model more. There already is worth paying attention to the refrigerator with a roomy main compartment and freezer, closing a single door.